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Vitamin D for Hair Loss | Ways To Procure Vitamin D

Vitamin D for Hair Loss

Vitamin D for Hair Loss – Hairs are the best and the most favorite part anyone wishes to style. To change our look the first thing we go for change is our hairstyle. Different people are blessed with different hair growth. Some have very good thick and string hairs whereas some are blessed with thin and weak hairs. And as a result of the weak hairs, people experience hair loss. Well, many vitamins can help you in preventing hair loss. Well Vitamin D for hair loss is also best. 

Vitamin D for Hair Loss

Also, vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients for our health as well as it helps in boosting the immune system, strengthens the bones, and makes skin healthy. Not only this vitamin D also helps in stimulating cell growth and creates new hair follicles. Well, you can also consume vitamin D through sun exposure but you can also eat certain foods and dietary supplements that can help you well. 

Consequences of Vitamin D deficiency 

When your body lacks recommended amount of vitamin D several symptoms occur such as hair loss etc. also there are many conditions linked with vitamin D deficiency is alopecia also known as spot baldness. There are also many health conditions linked with vitamin D deficiency. 

Bone softening, low bone density, osteoarthritis, heart disease, and cancer all are the results of vitamin D deficiency. Hence we must make continuous efforts to maintain Vitamin D level in the body either by consuming a vitamin D-rich diet or by taking Vitamin D dietary supplements. 

Vitamin D and Hair Loss 

Hair loss is caused by Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D plays an important role in stimulating new and old hair follicles. New hair growth can be stunted, when there isn’t enough vitamin D in your system. 

Alopecia is one of the conditions linked with Vitamin D deficiency and it is responsible for the bald patches on the scalp and other areas of the body as well. Alopecia is an autoimmune condition that can occur in both men and women. Also, it has been seen that the people experiencing hair loss have low levels of Vitamins D. 

Causes Of Vitamin D deficiency 

Well, there are many causes behind Vitamin D deficiency. Some of the reasons are:

  • Not consuming the recommended levels of vitamin D over time.
  • Wearing sunscreen all time
  • Limiting the sunlight exposure 
  • Having a dark skin
  • Failure of kidneys to convert vitamin D to its active form. 
  • Inadequacy of your digestive tract to absorb the vitamin D
  • You are obese 

Ways to procure Vitamin D 

Well, there are three ways to procure vitamin ways. These three ways are:

Vitamin D supplements 

Multivitamins typically include only 400 IU of vitamin D which is not the exact amount that your body needs. Hence try consuming some vitamin D in your diet. Your doctor will decide the dose of supplementation by checking the vitamin D level in the body. High prescription doses might be recommended by your doctor if the vitamin D levels are low. Make sure your body can absorb the fat-soluble vitamin properly hence try taking the supplement during mealtime. Babies that are on Breastfeed receive their nutrients through their mother’s milk. The baby will likely need a vitamin D supplement If a breastfeeding mother doesn’t have an adequate amount of vitamin D in her diet. 

Sun Exposure 

From mere basking in the sun, Most people get the bulk of their vitamin D. Vitamin d Deficiency can also be caused by not spending enough time in the sun or using too much sunblock limits your exposure. Take a 15-minute tour of your neighborhood on a sunny day if you can. There is a fine balance between absorbing vitamin D and protecting our skin from sun exposure. Try to spend some extra time near a window where sunlight is shining through, If you can’t stay in the sun for long. 

Foods with Vitamin D 

You can also procure well the vitamin D levels by taking a healthy diet that naturally contains or is fortified with Vitamin D. some of the great sources of the vitamin D include salmon, mackerel and other fatty fish, fish liver oils, and animal fats. Foods products such as certain cereals, milk, and orange juice are also fortified with vitamin D. 


Hence Vitamin D is a lot important for managing hair loss. You can consume vitamin D directly from the sun, supplements, or food fortified with the vitamin D.