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How To Use Sunscreen Effectively | Top 5 Tips To Use Sunscreens

How To Use Sunscreen Effectively

How to use sunscreen effectively – We all are aware of the importance of sunscreens in our lives. They protect us from the harmful UV rays, premature aging and even from skin cancer. They are effective only if used in the right way. Despite using sunscreens if you are still not getting results then you might be not using it properly. So here we will discuss on the methods to use sunscreen effectively.

How to Use Sunscreen Effectively

You need sunscreen the most in the summers and also in the winter time. UV rays can affect your skin badly. Redness, allergy, sunburn are some of the common aftereffects of spending too much time in sun. Sunscreens can prevent you from these rays and will also prevent tanning so that you do not get irregular skin.

Best tips to apply sunscreens

Your skin is always under the harmful UV rays even it is cloudy outside. So whether you are on a vacation or just simply going outside do not ever forget to use sunscreens. Many people suffer from sunburns and other related problems because of the improper use of these sun products. Below mentioned are the best tips which can help you to apply sunscreens effectively.

Choose the right sunscreens

Choosing the right sunscreen is extremely important to get the desired results. A sunscreen with high sun protection factor mostly above 30, water resistant, and provides broad spectrum coverage would work best for you. It will also protect you from the UVA and UVB rays. Always keep the aforementioned qualities in mind while buying the sunscreens.

Wear sunscreens before going outdoors

If you will apply sunscreens after going out in the sun then it will definitely not help with the protection. Sunscreens takes time for the absorption in the skin. It is mandatory for you to apply these sun products fifteen or twenty minutes before going out under the UV rays. This way you can protect yourself from the harmful rays and its consequences.

Apply enough sunscreen

Not applying enough sunscreens is one of the most common reason why people complain about the non effectiveness. For the proper protection from the sun you need to wear a large quantity or an ounce of sunscreen. Rub it gently on your skin and wait for it get absorbed completely.

Wear sunscreen on the bare skin

Usually people neglect other body parts in order to protect their facial skin. This further leads to tanning and sunburns in other body parts. So do not ever forget your neck, arms, feet, ears etc. If you want to protect your lips then you can apply a lip balm with sun protection factor. Therefore, applying sunscreen all over the body will give you the assurance of the protection.

Reapply sunscreens

Most people do not reapply the sunscreens after few hours and thus becomes the victim to the harmful UV rays. It is very important to wear sunscreens after few hours, or after swimming or sweating. For more secure protection, you can contact to a professional dermatologist.

Why should you wear sunscreens?

There are a million reason on why you should wear sunscreen. Using sunscreens should not only be restricted to summers. Your skin needs constant care and protection from sun rays in all the seasons. So here are some of the reasons that will definitely compel you to use sunscreens right away.

  • Sunscreens act a shield from harmful ultra violet rays.
  • They prevents from premature ageing.
  • It makes you less prone to the type of skin cancers.
  • They help in preventing from tanning and sunburns.
  • They also help in enhancing the overall skin health.


Sunscreens acts as a wonderful shield from the ultra violet rays. Therefore, it is advisable to use sunscreens everyday. But there will be no use of it if you will not use it properly. So above mentioned were the best tips to follow to use sunscreens in the correct way to get the perfect results.