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Top Sunscreen Spray For Winter Season In India | Sunscreen Sprays 2020

Top Sunscreen Spray For Winter Season In India

Top sunscreen spray for the winter season in India – Sunscreens are specially designed skincare products that work as a shield for your skin to protect it from UV rays. Importantly, we know that sunscreen is used in summers but they are likely important in winters as well. To make your skin protected plus moisturized in winters. Here, we bring you’re the most effective and top sunscreen spray for the winter season in India.

Top sunscreen spray for winter season in india

Furthermore, Sunscreen comes in different forms like lotion, cream, and sprays. In which, the sprays are usually preferred to being lightweight and gently absorbed by the skin. Unfortunately, the Sun UV rays don’t just harsh your skin but affect and often bring the signs of aging before age. So, be careful and gentle towards your skin. In the following article, we have informed some of the best sunscreen recommended by the dermatologists in India for dry skin below.

List of best medicated sunscreen in India 2020

Usually, people do not pay much attention to skincare in Winters. They believe that winter’s sun will not damage their skin which is not. Because the winter sun is much harmful as it is in summers. So, you need to apply the sunscreen in winters as well to make your skin more protective from harmful Sun rays. Here, we have listed some of the best sunscreen recommended by dermatologists in India. Scroll down for more.

Murtela Sunscreen Spray SPF 30+

Murtela brings you the best Sunscreen spray formulated with unique organic ingredients. This special sunscreen makes an ultra protection cover to your skin. Importantly, it is a water-proof and oily free spray that works in the swimming pool and sweating. This spray has a non-greasy touch towards your skin. So, this is the best sunscreen in India.

Top sunscreen spray for the winter season in India

Moreover, the Murtela Sunscreen Spray SPF 30+ helps to reduce all signs of aging. And protect your skin from harmful UVA & UVB sun radiation. By making your skin more healthier, younger, and even tone, the spray gently nourishes your skin. Made with the properties of anti-aging and antioxidant formula, the specially formulated spray hydrates the skin cells all day long.

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Greenberry Organics SPF 40+ Sunscreen Spray Lotion

The Greenberry organics SPF 40+ sunscreen spray lotion helps to protect your face skin from UV rays. Importantly, this sunscreen spray is specially designed with natural antioxidants and Kiwi extracts. The ingredients help to fight and treat the free radical damage in your skin. So, it keeps hydrating your skin cells while giving them protection from harmful sun rays.

Greenberry Organics SPF 40+ Sunscreen Spray Lotion

  • It is paraben-free and Sulfate free.
  • This is the best sunscreen lotion for dry skin.
  • It contains natural and organic ingredients.

L’Oreal Paris New Sublime Sun

The best Sunscreen lotion for dry skin, L’Oreal brings you a sunscreen spray with advanced sun protection. Importantly, a formula from L’Orela Paris to take ultra skincare protection in winters. This is a light cream that gives a smooth finish on the skin when applied. Also, there is no need to worry about the oily formation that mostly sunscreen does. Because this is a non-greasy formula that contains vitamin E and lime extracts. All these natural ingredients will gently nourish your dry skin and this is waterproof as well.

L'Oreal Paris New Sublime Sun

St. Botanica Vitamin C SPF 30 PA+++ Sunscreen

A sunscreen that contains Vitamin C and SPF 30 both could be the finest solution for your skin. Here, StBotanica Sunscreen is a waterproof formula to make your skin relaxed even at the beach. This quick-absorbing formula smoothly spread over your skin deep layers and make them protect all day long. It has an extremely powerful blend to use daily and doesn’t even harm your skin anyhow.

StBotanica Vitamin C SPF 30 PA+++ Sunscreen

  1. It contains Zinc and Titanium oxide.
  2. This helps to maintain the skin’s pH balance.
  3. It gently nourishes your skin to make it healthier for long in winter.

Kaya Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen

The daily usage of Kaya’s sunscreen spray helps to protect your skin from dangerous solar radiation. This spray can be very effective in winters as well in moisturizing your skin cells deeply. Importantly, you can apply the spray under your make while outing. This specially formulated formula will never harm your skin and can be very relaxed for the skin’s deep layer.

Kaya Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen


Hence, these are the best sunscreen for dry skin with price. Also, made with natural ingredients, these sunscreen works in both protection and moisturization. The daily usage of these creams will make your skin healthy, glowing, and even tone in winters as well.