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Top Skincare Myths To Stop Believing | Beauty Myths Busted

Top Skincare Myths To Stop Believing

Top skincare myths to stop believing – You are not the only one who believes in myths and misconceptions. There is a whole world out there looking for skincare essentials and get trapped with the rumors. That is why we are here for you today. Today, we would like to inform you about the top skincare myths to stop believing. Scroll down.

Top Skincare Myths To Stop Believing

Further, there are multiple beauty myths and misconceptions spread throughout the globe. That people often believe on to care for their skin, which is absolutely false. In the following article, we would like to inform you about clean beauty myths. So that one can get aware of it and stop believing in it. No, let us discuss myths with their facts.

List of 5 skincare myths we need to stop believing

Skincare daily routine

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You might feel that your known everything about skincare rules. Well, think twice, you really do? Because today people trap people with myths and misinform them. Unfortunately, our feeling makes us believe in them. That is why we are here for you. To spread the awareness of beauty myths busted in the list below.

Coconut oil will moisturize your face

One of the biggest misconceptions about our skin that people often believe is that coconut oil is a good facial moisturizer. Well, hello.. who told you that? Importantly, coconut oil is the most comedogenic cells. That means coconut will clog pores and lead to pimples. Because it is thick like a wax.

  1. When you apply it over the face
  2. It will sit on the top of the dermis and create a plastic wrap.
  3. Similar to the film over pores.
  4. Due to this, nothing will go in and out.
  5. This might feel disturbing for you.

Top Skincare Myths To Stop Believing

Shaving your face will grow a beard

Honestly, shaving your face will not lead to growing hair thicker and longer. That means shaving your face will not give your beard on face. Because the hair growth is managed by the follicle and shaving won’t affect the follicle or the growth pattern. Although, the blade cuts the thickest part of the hair. But as it regrows, it can feel rougher than before.

Top Skincare Myths To Stop Believing

Sun exposure will reduce acne

Importantly, the truth about sun exposure is that 90% of our skin ages is directly related to the sun. So, it depends on you, how you treat your skin under the sun. Also, remember that sun exposure will cause inflammation, skin discoloration, dark spots, the strong UVA and UVB rays results in premature aging in the skin. That means, no sun exposure will treat your skin good. Essentially, use SPF sunscreen for your skin daily, whether the weather is sunny, rainy, or normal.

Top Skincare Myths To Stop Believing

Anti-aging is only for old ages

Furthermore, it has been said that prevention is better than cure. This is similar to says by the anti-aging products. Because once you have fine lines and wrinkles, it will become nearly impossible to get rid of them. That is why it is much easier to prevent them on-time. Honestly, our skin will start aging as it is exposed to environment invaders and UV rays. Both of them damages your skin day-by-day.

Therefore, according to the experts, it has been suggested for you to use anti-oxidants and SPF every day to keep the signs of aging away.

Top Skincare Myths To Stop Believing

You don’t need to moisture if having oily skin

One of the biggest misconceptions for oily skin is that it already has enough moisture. Well, Well, Well, don’t fall for such misinformation. Importantly, if you have oily skin then it’s not necessary it will be hydrated as well. In the fact that your skin might be dehydrated and producing excess oil which makes it over moisturized itself.

  • The role of the moisturizer is to provide and manage the hydration level of the skin with water.
  • Well-Hydrated skin is much healthier and is a well-moisturize.
  • That leads to control and produce limited oil that is enough for your skin.

Top Skincare Myths To Stop Believing


Therefore, these are the top 5 beauty myths you need to stop believing. Because in terms of skincare, everyone resents their opinion, without proving it. And the main problem is believing in fake news. So, we repeat please stop believing these common beauty myths we have mentioned above.