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Top Hair Care Myths To Stop Believing | Hair Care Myths Busted

Top Hair Care Myths To Stop Believing

Top hair care myths to stop believing – Your hair is your crown. And we all have heard about the myth spread about the hair. By our mother, grandmother, sisters, etc. But now it is time to stop believing in tales. Here, to help you achieve healthy hair care ever, we would like to inform you about the top hair care myths to stop believing in the following article.

Top Hair Care Myths To Stop Believing

Further, you will find too many blogs on hair care when you search on google. But only a few where tell you about the difference between facts and myths. So, today, the following article will make all the hair care myths busted. So, that you can find the difference between the dos and don’ts for your hair. Here, let us read the proper info about the hair myths below.

List of natural hair myths

Top hair care myths to stop believing

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Of course, we have heard them all. It is strange but said to be true hair care solutions that make hair grow longer, stronger, and healthier. But while noticing too many tools and tutorials, now it is time to separate what is the myth and what is a fact. Here, Murtela has been listed as the top myths and their facts for hair care advice as follows.

Cutting your hair frequently make them grow faster

One of the biggest hair myth is that if we cut our hair more often, they will start growing faster. Well, we would like to clear your misunderstanding about this. Because there is nothing about cutting hair and growing them faster. Further, hair grows from the follicles found in the scalp. Therefore, cutting hairs from the roots will not make them grow. Furthermore, hair follicles are also genetically linked.

Top Hair Care Myths To Stop Believing


Wash with cold water for ultimate shine

Importantly, caring for the skin, rinse with cold water is said to treat the clogged pores after the treatment. Well, the fact does not do exactly the same with hair. Certainly, there is no proof of washing hair with cold water makes a difference then washing them with hot water. Importantly, it also recommended by the specialist is aiming the showerhead or spray of water away from the scalp.

Top Hair Care Myths To Stop Believing

You need to brush your hairs 100 times per day

Seriously? Who told you that? Well, this appears to be the most stupid myth spread for hair. Honestly, brushing your hair will distribute the natural oils of your hair. Although, brushing hairs 100 times will be redundant and unusual. Importantly, brushing hairs too often in a day leads to hair breakage and will also let your hair look frizzy.

Top Hair Care Myths To Stop Believing

  1. Brush your hair enough to smooth out muddles of the hair.
  2. Brushing your hairs help you to distribute the natural oils.
  3. When you brush from scalp to roots, it gives you natural shine and stimulates the scalp.
  4. Use a soft bristle brush or wide tooth comb to care for scalp and hair.
  5. Brushing hairs while shampoo and conditioner are also giving them shine.

Plucking grey hair make two or more growth in its area

Most of the community often believe that plucking grey hair leads to more gray hair growth in the same place. Well, this is not actually what it does. as it has been recommended by the hair care experts that plucking will not result in gray hair multiplication. Importantly, plucking grey hair will damage the follicle and hinder further hair growth. Importantly, the grey of white hair occurs in the scalp when the follicles pigment dies which is usually genetic.

Top Hair Care Myths To Stop Believing

Split ends can be repair

Well, well, well, split ends can not be repaired anyhow. Usually, splits ends occur when the protective outer layer of our hair gets damaged. So, generally, there is no way to close or reseal the split ends. Furthermore, women often believe that applying conditioner or serum will treat them. And eventually, get rid of split ends. But this is actually what it looks like. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them and start caring more.

Top Hair Care Myths To Stop Believing


Last but not least, these are the top hair care myths. To make you well aware of them all. So, stop believing in myths and start caring for your hair with the actual facts. “Because life isn’t perfect but your hair can be”. So invest in your hairs and let them style your personality.