When To Start using Anti -Ageing Products

When to Start Using Anti -Ageing Products –  All skin carer have the same question,” when to start using anti-aging products?” There is not any particular age at which you should start using the anti-aging creams or lotions. As many esthetician and dermatologist recommend starting the anti-aging products earlier at your 20’s.

when to start using anti -aging products

You need to care about your skin at a very early stage to have a healthy and wrinkle-free skin. There is not any specific age to start using anti-aging skin care products. Our body’s capacity to hydrate, oxygenate, nourish and protect our skin keep on going down with time. Fine lines and wrinkles start appearing on the skin with the going years.

What Causes Ageing?

There can be different factors which can cause aging. You have to start caring about your skin at a very early age, only then you can have a perfect, healthy, wrinkle-free and nourished skin. Only anti-aging products can’t contribute to a healthy and wrinkle-free skin, you have to change your lifestyle too. Different causes for the aging of the skin can be there which are as follows

  • Free radicals can be a severe cause of aging of the skin. These radicals damage the DNA (deoxyribose nucleic acid). Damaging of DNA is the main cause of aging. You can completely avoid these radicals because they are present in the air we breathe. But you can protect yourself from coming in contact with these free radicals.
  • Glycation is another cause for the aging of the skin. It involves the bonding of Sugar molecules with body protein and lipids, which can fasten the process of aging.
  • Inflammation should be cured as to get healthy, wrinkle-free skin and consume the anti-inflammatory products like red wine, dark chocolate, turmeric.
  • Stress is a very crucial factor which fastens the process of aging. It is considered as a major reason behind every disease.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption is another reason to bring the process of aging into action.
  • Smoking also leads to the aging of the skin by damaging the DNA through free radicals.
  • Improper skin care can damage your skin cells and stimulate the process of aging. Skin care can help you a lot to get healthy skin.
  • Sleep is considered as the best factor to give your skin rest and let it get ready for the next day. Proper sleep revitalizes your skin.
  • Exposure to sunlight is the most important factor to cause aging. You need to protect your skin from direct exposure to the sunlight.

What is the Right Age to Start Using Anti-Ageing Products?

There is not a specific age to start using anti-aging products. You can start your skin protection from the aging process at a very early stage. The usage of these products can be different at different stages. At different age levels, you will need a different set of anti-aging products. One have to start using the anti-aging products at the time they observe any minor signs of aging in their skin.

When to start using anti -aging products

During 20’s

During your 20’s your skin is at the youngest stage and you don’t feel much need to start using the anti-aging products. But if you will start caring at an early stage you don’t have to give many efforts in the upcoming years. There is no need of very serious anti-aging products on this age. You just need to protect your skin from sun damage by applying SPF’s and keep your skin moisturized.

During 30’s

It is the time when your skin starts showing the signs of aging and you will start feeling the need of using a high-quality anti-aging product. At this stage, you will have to start applying the high-quality anti-aging creams or lotions which contain retinol (vitamin A), hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid etc.

During 40’s

During your 40’s, you will start noticing some more signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. At this stage, you need to use very high-quality anti-aging products that are highly antioxidant and contains high-quality aging components. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, take enough rest, have healthy diet and exercise daily. These activities will help you to have a healthy and glowing skin.


We need to care about our skin from the very beginning. Every person needs a healthy and glowing skin. The only way you can get a healthy and glowing skin is by start using aging products at an early stage. Use those anti-ageing products to a prescribed and limited manner, only then you will be able to get the best out of them. And with the usage of these products, keep your lifestyle more active, exercise daily and consume a healthy diet.