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Skin Care Tips For Indian Skin | Indian Skin Care 2021

Skin Care Tips For Indian Skin

Skin Care Tips For Indian Skin – Skin reflects your inside. And this is an appropriate statement to consider. Our skin reflects what we eat and how healthy we are from the inside. But the appearance of our skin is not only limited to these factors only. Whereas the efforts you put into the skin also matters. Here efforts mean the skincare routine you follow for maintaining your skin. 

Skin Care Tips For Indian Skin

People try caring for their skins in different ways. Some eat healthily, some use a range of cosmetic products whereas some prefer using the natural homemade recipe for maintaining healthy and glowing skin. Hence it is essential to follow healthy skin care tips for Indian skin. No doubt India is a snapshot of ranging colors of skin from fairest to darkest it has all color patterns available in the country. The main reason behind this being exposed to UV rays from the sun and some because of the diversity of people from different regions of the world dwelling here. 

Skin Care Tips For Indian Skin 2021

In India skin is exposed to a host of aggressors, which can easily destruct the skin barrier. Some of the environmental factors such as UV exposure, pollution, humidity, and excessive heat and cold that can affect your skin. Also, some diseases can show bad effects on the skin. For instance, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a disease common among women of India can result in showing up acne and oily skin.

Not only this the behavior of your skin also depends upon the products you use such as soaps and cosmetics containing drying chemicals or using hard or soft water, etc. Some of the Skin Care Tips For Indian Skin are:

Sunscreen application 

Exposing your skin directly to the sun is not good. Hence it is very important to apply sunscreen in order to save yourself from the harmful UV rays. Hence it is one of the most essential steps of a skincare routine. Or you can protect your skin while going out in sun by using physical protection such as umbrellas, scarves and wide-brimmed hats, etc

You must not forget to apply the sunscreen on the areas on your neck, arms and other sun-exposed areas regardless of you are indoors or outdoors.

Right products

Choose products according to skin type. Different people have different skin types such as oily, normal, combination, acne-prone, or sensitive and dry skin. Not every product suits every skin type. Hence choose the products that are made for your skin type. Using skin products that are not made for your skin will drive you no benefits.

Healthy diet 

Healthy eating is a must for gaining healthy skin. In order to avoid skin problems like pigmentation try eating vitamins and antioxidant-rich food. Also, you must do exercises and meditation that can help you in maintaining healthy skin. 

Use Rosewater

Chemical toners generally act harshly on our skin. Do you know that what was the secret behind queens and princess’s amazing skin? It was nothing but rose water. To keep your skin toned, refreshed, brightened, and soft, apply rosewater with the help of a cotton ball or spray it directly on the face. To increase its soothing and refreshing effect try keeping it in your fridge. 

The best thing about rose water is that it is best for sensitive skin and also is inexpensive. 

Use honey and sugar for exfoliation 

Honey and sugar together make an effective scrub. Hence it is best to use honey and sugar for exfoliation. Exfoliation helps in the removal of dead skin cells from the skin giving it a smooth and fairer look.

Use lemon 

Lemon is also known as the blackhead buster. Being thankful for its acidic properties, it is a natural skin brightener and exfoliator. You can cut the lemon into halves and then try applying it to your face in a scrubbing manner. This will help you in removing blackheads, dead skin cells from your skin. Hence you can enjoy bright and glowing skin.

 If you want to nourish your skin as well try adding a little honey to lemon juice as honey has anti-aging properties. Hence by combining both your skin will nourish naturally, and will become smooth and soft. 

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil benefits are not unknown to us. As it is beneficial for our skin in the same way it is beneficial for our skin as well. You can also use it as a makeup remover. What all you need to do is apply it to your face and after waiting for a couple of minutes wash it off. It also helps in moisturizing your skin and can drift away from the dark circles if massaged around the eyes.

Hence these are the Skin Care Tips For Indian Skin you can follow to gain the best glowing and healthy skin.