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How to reduce pigmentation and fine line

How to reduce pigmentation and fine line

Pigmentation start on face mid- to late-40s. According to dermatologist the skin’s melanocytes, cells that form the natural pigment in skin known as melanin, make extra melanin whenever the skin is injured. Unprotected or inadequately protected skin that is exposed to UV rays incurs damage.

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Reasons of Pigmentation and Fine line

Human skin is composed of three layers

Epidermis – The Epidermis skin’s outer layer, it’s rich in keratin, which is provides roughness and water-resistance. The epidermis acts as a barrier for the underlying layers, and this is the first line of defense in our body.

Dermis –The Dermis is composed of nerves, fats, blood vessels, elastin, and collagen fibers. Collagen fibers – Type of protein fiber found abundantly throughout our body. It provides strength and cushioning to many different areas of the body, including the skin. which occupies about 80% of the dermis – is a protein that accounts for the primary component of body’s connective tissue. Collagen provides the skin’s strength, whereas elastin (as its name implies) gives your skin its elastic quality and enables it to stretch back and forth.

Subcutaneous Tissue – The subcutaneous layer also functions to help keep the body’s temperature stable. It acts as a passageway for the nerves and blood vessels from the dermis to the muscles and helps to protect the bones and muscles from damage


Benefits Of Glopetra

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Glopetra Plus Vitamin C Boosts Your Skin’s Collagen Production to give You a Firmer, More Plump Skin And Smooth Out Fine Lines And Wrinkles and Vitamin C has antioxidant properties Fight Free Radicals And damage skin caused By UV Radiation Leaving You With A Younger Looking Skin.

Vitamin E reduces the Appearance Of Scars and It Helps moisturize the Skin For A Softer And Smoother Skin. Glopetra Serum also Helps In brightening the Face And Maintains Even Skin Tone. The vitamins C and E Helps In Neutralizing Free Radicals To Slow Down The Ageing Process, Fade Age Spots and Offers You A Rejuvenated Skin. It Repairs By Penetrating Deep Into The Skin To Hydrate, Brighten, And Help Reduce Pigmentation And Fine Lines.