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How To Prevent And Repair Heat Damaged Hair | Hair Care

How To Prevent And Repair Heat Damaged Hair

How to prevent and repair heat damaged hair – We all love to style and transform our hair. To make them stylish like bouncy, wavy, straight, and other hairstyles, people use much heat on them. The hair styling tools like hairdryer, straightener, curler, and much more. Well, it’s okay to style your hair while going for parties. But if you use them regularly then it leads to hair issues. So, how to prevent and repair heat damaged hair?

How To Prevent And Repair Heat Damaged Hair

Firstly, overheating your hair regularly can cause hair fall, hair breakage, dryness, frizzy hair, and brittle hair also. So, if you wish not to face such issues then keep reading the information we have mentioned below. Today, we would like to inform you how to repair heat damaged hair fast. Our hair defines our personality and increases self-confidence. So, you need to focus on your hair care while styling them and protecting them from damage.

How to fix heat damaged hair at home?

Well, anyone that uses hair styling hot tools needs to know how to use it and handle them as well. Although, the one having thin, textured, and fine hair needs to be more careful while styling. Because when too much heat applied on the hair, it can damage the keratin protein. The protein that gives your hair strength and moisture.  Here, check out the tips to prevent heat damaged hair:

Use limited heat

One of the most basic things your must understand is the temperature of hair stylers is their temperature. Because setting a proper temperature in irons or blow dryers makes you achieve your looks perfectly. Further, most of the hair care experts suggest not going over 410°F. Because if you do then it will start melting the keratin in your hair to leads hair breakage.

Use heat protectant

Furthermore, using hair styling tools every time, try not to forget using the heat-protectant spray. Because using the heat-protectant spray every time while heating your hair helps you a lot. By slowing the heat conduction from the styling tools to your hair, they protect from heat damage. Although, the heat protectants won’t completely defend your hair against the damage. So, you need to be wise while heating.

Never style the damp hair

Here, when you apply the hair styling hot tools like straighteners and curler to damp hair, you are basically frying them. Because wet or even damp hair is much more fragile than the dry ones. Also, the tools’ heat will then transform the moisture into the steam. It further damages the hair stands as it leaves. So, the only usage of the hot tools is to use them on dry hair.

How to repair the heat damaged hair?

Importantly, as soon as you notice the heat damage of your hair, the more likely you can get to treat them. Because the damage of overheating causes Dullness, Dryness, Brittle hair, Split ends, Loss of curls & moisture. So, sooner you realize that your hair is starting getting a burn, you likely come to treat them. Otherwise, you know that treatment that comes at the last which is cutting.

Therefore if you suspect any sort of issue caused by heat damage, say no to the tools and start repairing them. Here, take a look at the tips to repair heat-damaged hair effectively:

Use good hair washing products

Things like hair shampoo and hair conditioner can be very helpful when they nourish your hair. So, if you want your hair’s natural texture and moisture back then use hair washing products that contain keratin. Because keratin is the protein that helps your hair growth and strength.

Do not use the hair dryers for some time

Well, if your hair gets damaged with heat then it is good to say no to the dryers for some time. Because drying your hair with dryers can leads to hair breakage and more dryness in them. So, try to be gentle on your hair and let them dry by themselves.

Give your hair an oil massage

When your hair gets burnt with hair styling tools, you are likely to come to use oil. Because oiling will be very beneficial to retain the moisture and nourishment back to your hair. Plus, good oil will also be helpful in providing you proper hydration as well.


Therefore, the study will inform how to repair heat damaged hair without cutting it. Because when you use the tools often, you are likely to come to experience several hair issues. So, while styling your hair, you also need to be careful and protective towards them.