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Natural Baby Skin Care Tips | Murtela Cosmetics

Natural Baby Skin Care Tips

Natural Baby Skin Care Tips – Baby’s skin and cotton both are equally soft. As the cotton ball is sensitive in the same way the skin of the baby is. Hence there Is a need to handle the baby’s skin with care. We must be particular about the products we use for our baby’s skin. Even a little carelessness can lead to a great mess. Well, there are many Natural Baby Skin Care Tips that can help you in maintaining the healthy skin of your baby.

Natural Baby Skin Care Tips

A newborn baby has delicate skin and an immune system as well. Newborn babies face the skin problems such as skin irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes. But many natural tips can help you in getting your baby out of these skin problems. Also, you must avoid touching the skin of the newborn baby again and again as it can be critical for your baby’s development.

Natural Baby Skin Care Tips

Well, there are many natural tips that you can follow to maintain the healthy skin of your baby. The best thing to note about these tips is that they are all safe to follow and you can follow them without giving a second thought to it. Some of the best natural baby skincare tips are:

Avoid Too frequent bathing 

The baby natural skin oils that protect the skin are removed due to frequent bathing. Hence you must try bathing only 3 times a week or less for a baby. As frequent bathing can make the skin of the baby vulnerable and dry. Even it can also lead to aggravation of eczema. Hence the sponge bath two or three times a week is best for the baby to stay safely clean. You can also use little water and cleanser to simply clean the baby’s mouth and diaper area.

Wash Baby clothes before it’s worn

For washing the baby laundry detergents to wash the clothes of the baby. This is because baby detergents are fragrance-free. Also do not wash baby clothes, bedding, and blankets separately from the laundry of the family. Or if you want to wash them together then use baby detergent for the family as well. 


While choosing a talcum powder for your baby you need to be more careful. Hence always go for the products that are specially made for babies only. Also do not use any products that have fragrances and other chemicals. This is because they can irritate the skin of the baby. 

Choose herbal powders especially for the diaper area and stay away from the powders that contain grains. Or it will be best if you avoid using the powder in the diaper area to avoid infections and other complications. 

Use Natural Products 

Having tender and fragile skin, the baby’s skin needs extra care. To adjust to the new harsh environment and its varying changes after birth baby’s skin requires time. Hence you must avoid using harsh antibacterial products as they can cause rashes and dryness. 

Hence try using products that are organic and natural and are one of the safest options as well. To avoid any possible reaction, do not try any new product on the baby’s skin. Always go for the products that are made especially for the baby such as baby soaps, tear-free shampoos, and gentle lotions. Whenever you notice any kind of reaction on your baby’s skin tries contacting your doctor immediately. 

Diaper Rash 

If the baby is wearing the diaper rash for long then he may develop a diaper rash. Also wearing a tight diaper or any diaper brand baby is allergic to is also the main cause behind the diaper rash. Hence to avoid skin reactions and allergies, change the diaper immediately after the baby has soiled In it. Try buying diapers that are soft and absorbent. Also if you notice rashes on the skin of the baby, try consulting the pediatrician.

Avoid sun exposure 

Especially during the initial months of the birth, do not expose the baby’s fragile skin to direct sunlight as it can cause sunburn. Try to cover your baby with long-sleeved clothes, full pants, caps, and apply baby-safe sunscreen to the exposed skin while heading out with the baby. 


Hence these are the Natural baby skincare tips you can follow to keep the skin of the baby healthy and safe. Always change the diaper when required to avoid further rashes and infections. Always go for the products that are designed especially for babies and avid using the products containing the harsh chemical and fragrances.