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Medicated Soaps For Dry Skin | Medicated Soap Brands For Rough Skin

Medicated Soaps For Dry Skin

Medicated soaps for dry skin – Are your suffering for skin problems? Is your skin creates excess dryness? Well, if you want to get rid of dry skin problems then this article is beneficial for you. In the following session, we’ll help you to find the best medicated soap for dry skin. Because soaps are the ones that we use in our daily life. So, finding a bar that cures dryness will be a perfect solution for dry skin.

Medicated Soaps For Dry Skin

Importantly, our skin is the largest organ of our body and contains 7 deep layers. Moreover, health skin defines your personality. Because dry skin creates the wrong impression towards the front person. So, you need to be much attentive. Here, we’ve mentioned the best medicated soaps that effectively and eventually treat dryness and itchy skin. This soap will not just treat the dry skin but make skin moisturized deeply in a gentle way. Scroll down for the best soap for dry and itchy skin below.

List of top Medicated soaps for dry skin 

Dry skin is one of the most common issues that people face in daily life. Usually, dry skin could be due to climate change, genetic or carelessness. Further, the excess dryness could be very harmful to the skin as it can make the skin itchy, dry, red, flaking, and eczema as well. So, you need to use the products accordingly. Here, we’ve listed some of the best soap for dry skin below.

Murtela All fair Soap

Murtela, India’s top leading brand brings one of the best soap for skin whitening. The Murtela All fair soap contains natural ingredients like Kojic acid dipalmitate, Vitamin & Glycerin. Importantly, with such medicated soap, its medicinal properties enhance the skin tone. Also, the soap helps to remove the bad skin cells and make skin fairer internally.

all fair soap

  1. This is the best soap for dry skin.
  2. It contains vitamins & glycerine to purify dry skin.
  3. The soap removes dead skin cells internally.

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Liscab soap by Lifestyle Bioscience

For the medicated soap lover, Lifestyle Bioscience brings one of the best medicated soap, Liscab. Due to the presence of 98% of pure glycerine and 1% permethrin, this soap helps to treat dry skin problems. Further, it gently moisturizes the dry skin and makes the skin healthier and cleaner than ever before. That is why soap is one of the best medicated soap for dry skin.


  • The soap contains 98% pure glycerine to treat dry skin.
  • It helps to make skin healthy and happy.

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Product is available at Rs. 83/- 

Murtela Moisturizing Soap

With the help of natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera. Murtela brings the best soap for dry skin on the face. Here, Murtela moisturizing soap will make your skin healthy, smooth and moisturized all day long. Further, this bathing bar naturally nourishes your skin and maintain the skin pH level.

murtela moisturizing bar

  • It contains Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, & Tea Tree Oil like natural properties.
  • The presence of natural ingredients helps to cure dry skin issues.
  • The soap control skin-friendly pH balance.

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Product is available at Rs. 98/- 

Murtela Glossair soap

Now, Murtela brings one of the best medicated soaps for dry skin that contains natural ingredients to moisturize your skin. Murtela Glossair Soap has Glutathione, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E Acetate, Light liquid paraffin, Glycerine, etc like ingredients. This medicated soap will help to nourish your skin naturally. As it contains cocoa butter and glycerine, then this will be best soap for dry skin problems.

Glossair Soap

  1. It contains Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Cocoa butter & Glycerine like ingredients.
  2. This soap is popular for being the best soap for dry skin eczema.

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Product is available at Rs. 169/- 

Pears Pure and Gentle Soap

Containing natural essential oils, Pears for dry skin could be the finest solution. To treat dry skin like problems, this bathing bar contains the most common ingredients as every bathing bar contains. Further, with glycerine like properties, it helps to moisturize the skin naturally.

pears pure and gentle soap

  • It contains 98% pure glycerine.
  • The soap Dermatologist tested.
  • This has a mild fragrance for a fresh feel.


The above mentioned medicated soaps for dry skin will help to moisturize your skin naturally. With their daily usage while bathing can make your skin healthier and happier for a long time. Because dryness sometimes leads to skin flaking or eczema. So, care for your skin first.