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Hair Shampoo Vs. Conditioner | Murtela Cosmetics

Hair Shampoo Vs. Conditioner

Hair shampoo vs. conditioner – “That’s your hair, Grow them with care” in light of the above statement it is very true that hairs are one of the most important determinants of your personality. Hairs can be pampered in a lot of ways. But the main pointer stops on the washing of hairs that most of us do very often.


Shampoo having cleaning properties help in cleaning the hairs. It contains detergents that help in drifting the dirt and other environmental pollutants away from the hairs.

Whereas conditioner, being rich in natural oils and proteins, and plant extracts give your hair a smooth shiny look. Most of people use conditioner post using shampoo as shampoo can leave your hair rough and frizzy in order to restore the smooth touch you can use the conditioner post washing it with the shampoo.

Now the question is-“Can conditioner be only used post shampoo?”

You will be shocked to know that the new trend of using conditioner pre-washing your hair is here! It is a reverse technique in which conditioner is applied before shampoo. Hence you can try any method of first conditioning than shampoo or first shampooing then conditioning for you. Both are one of the best methods.

How to use shampoo and conditioner?

  • Wash your hairs with lukewarm water to make them wet.
  • Take shampoo on your palm and gently massage into your hairs. Make sure it spreads and goes through all the corners of your hairs evenly.
  • Now rinse your hair and scalp
  • Now take small amount of conditioner on your palm
  • Massage it into your hairs not on scalp, leave for 3 minutes
  • Now rinse your hair again
  • After stepping out from washroom, remove the moisture from your hair with the help of a towel.
  • The frequency of washing the hair depends from person to person and the hair type they have. If you have oily hairs then you need to wash your hairs more frequently and if you have dry hairs then hair wash frequency can be reduced.

  Benefits of conditioning before shampooing the hairs

  •  This method removes the grease from the hairs hence making them lightweight
  •  As primer is used before makeup, in the same way conditioner act in the case of shampoo.
  • Shampoo can be evenly distributed.
  • Protects the hair from losing the natural oils present in the hairs.
  • Conditioning only!
  • Yes you can use only conditioner and skip the shampoo for your hair wash routine. Conditions being-
  • You have dry hair type.
  • If you have breakage problem
  • If you are blessed with curly hairs.
  • Never use hard water for your hairs as it can turn your hairs rougher.
  • Also hot water must be avoided as it can left yours dry and rough and hence the best option is to opt for lukewarm water as giving you a soothing feel it will not harm your hairs as well.
  • “Never left your hairs exposed”
  • While going out for shopping or due to any work please make sure to cover your hairs to avoid any damage caused by environmental pollutants on your hairs.
  • Don’ts of using shampoo and a conditioner
  • Never apply conditioner to your scalp especially if you have an oily one.
  • Never make fewer washes for your hairs if they are oily as it will lead to more hairfall and dandruff problems.
  • Never blow dry your hair if they are still wet as it will give you the same results as using water will!
  • Never rub the towel on your hairs after washing instead you can pat the hairs dry.

The frequency of washing your hairs also depends upon some factors:

  • Oily scalp: If you have oily scalp and have noticed oil naturally setting on your hairs, sorry to say you need to wash your hairs more often.
  • Sweaty Hairs: If your hairs are prone to more sweat, then also you must wash it when you feel yours hairs sweat saturated.
  • Straight and Oily hairs: These type of hairs which are naturally straight but oily you need to wash them daily.
  • Age: Age is also imperative determinant as our age increases the oil glands produce less sebum hence you need to wash hairs less than you did.

Hence “Invest in your hairs, it’s the crown you never take off”