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Face Wash Vs Cleanser | Differance Between Face Wash And Cleanser

Face Wash Vs Cleanser

Face wash vs Cleanser – Throughout the day we deal with different environments. Some dusty and some healthy and clean. This dust tend to fix on our faces till the time we wash our face. We use different face washes and sometimes cleansers. It’s very imperative to keep our face clean and dust free as dust can clog the pores of your skin hence giving pimples their way.

Face Wash Vs Cleanser

Hence it’s mandatory to clean your face from time to time. Now the main query being “What is the difference between face wash and cleanser?”

Mostly people confuse the both terms and think that the purpose of the both is same and that is cleaning the face. But in reality it is not so. Cleanser helps in purifying, hydrating and soothing the skin whereas the face wash helps in deeply cleaning the pores of the skin. The cleanser can be milky, creamy, gel or even watery in texture whereas the texture of face wash is foamy when applied to the skin.

What is best for the skin?

“Face cleanser – A dry skin’s mate” as the quote suggest if have dry skin type then the best option for you is to opt for face cleanser as it will help in keeping your skin moisturized. Always go for the cleansers made up with hydrating formulas with hyaluronic acid or glycerin as hydrating ingredients. On the other hand “If you have oily skin type, get urself addicted to face wash”, reason being oily skin is an acne-prone skin and acne is caused due to clogging of pores. In order to avoid acne it is important to keep the pores clear hence face wash helps better in clearing the pores, removing the oil and the dirt and other impurities that enhance the oil growth over your face.

Use both regardless of skin type

No the above statement has no intention to confuse you. In order to take your skin to the nest level of goodness you must use both cleanser and a face wash back to back. As using a hydrating cleanser for purifying and hydrating your skin followed by the use of a foming face wash that will help in clearing your pores as well.

Is double cleansing is safe?

An unrotated yes! You can prefer double cleansing for your face. It is a technique of cleaning your face twice. First use any gentle cleanser with hydrating and refreshing effects. Now as your skin pollutants are gone it’s the time to deep cleanse your skin by any foaming face wash so they you can ready yourself for the whole day routine.

Benefits of using face wash

  • Cleansing effect: It helps in cleaning the face from any dirt, oil and other pollutants. And if you are a makeup lover then it is must for you to clean your face before going to bed.
  • It exfoliates: One of the  best things about the face wash is it helps in removing the dead skin cells and hence helping in exfoliating the dead skin.
  • Stimulating the blood flow: Cleansing and Washing the face involves massaging the skin. The massaging helps in regulating the blood flow under the skin hence giving the healthy and the glowy effect.
  • Cleanser also have the similar benefits along with the one main advantage of hydrating and moisturizing your skin.
  • Cleanser has one of the magical properties of leaving your skin moisturized all day. Hydrating cleansers can serve best for getting this advantage.
  • “Say no to these ingredients”
  • There are some ingredients in face wash and cleanser that must be avoided.
  • Sulphates: Sulphates are used to give facewashes and cleansers a foaming effect. But sometimes it can cause irritation to skin and eyes. If you have dry skin then its best to avoid the foaming cleansers and face wash.
  • Parabens: Also known as cosmetic preservatives, Parabens helps in preserving the facewashes and cleansers and restricting the germ formation. And it also act as a hormonal disrupter exposing you to the risk of cancer.
  • Phthalates: Cleansers have been thankful for Phthalates for its easy spreading properties. They contain reproductive toxins acting as an endocrine disrupters.
  • Face wash and cleansing Don’ts
  • Say no to hot water: Hot water used in washing the face can dry your skin hence lukewarm water must be preferred.
  • Bath soaps- Facial skin enemy: No doubt bar soaps are best for cleaning the skin but when it comes to facial skin they can really act harsh for it. The reason being the bar soaps have ph of 10 whereas the ph of skin normally ranges 4.7-5.75 , hence it is clear that bar soaps can disrupt the ph value of your skin.
  • Avoid rubbing: Rubbing can take away the natural oils from your skin and hence disrupting the ph balance of your skin.
  • Avoid over cleansing:  It has been noted that people with oily skin type have tend to spend more time in cleansing but it must be noted that “Over cleansing can take off the upper layer and essential oils from your skin”.

“It’s your skin, not a trash bin”, hence always be choosy and careful while selecting a perfect product for your skin as your “Little ignore can make you feel long lasting regrets”.