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Difference Between Serum & Moisturizer | Serum VS Moisturizer

Difference Between Serum & Moisturizer

Difference between serum & moisturizer – Do you want to know the difference between serums and moisturizers? Well, Serums are much thinner and lighter than the moisturizers. The serums have a great variety of functions than the moisturizers on the face. Further, the serum is usually made with the smaller molecules that recombine with a high concentration of ingredients. Here, check out the different better serum and moisturizer.

Difference Between Serum & Moisturizer

Importantly, the serums are designed to penetrate, nourish, and promote the skin in a better way. The job of the moisturizer is to hydrate the skin and prevent water loss face by the skin. So, basically the face serums leave out the occlusive moisturizing like petroleum or mineral oil to keep water evaporating. Plus they do contain some lubricating and thickening agents such as nut or seed oils. Indeed, many serums are water-based and eliminating the oil absolutely.

Because the serums leave out some moisturizing agents, it left with a higher concentration of active ingredients. Also, most of the serums contain the strongest does of the active ingredients. It might include antioxidants, peptides, and skin brighteners found in nonprescription products. So, if you are looking for the serum v moisturizer then take a look at the article below.

How to use serum and moisturizers?

In fact, the serum contains the most active ingredients that you need to penetrate as much as you can for your skin. So, you should always apply the serum directly to your skin after you finish cleansing and toning. Then after applying serum, apply moisturizer or sunscreen. Further, the thicker and heavier ingredients in cream and lotions are designed to form a barrier on your skin. To help and protect your skin from the harmful bacteria of surrounding and support your skin.

Furthermore, the moisturizer has a simpler job that is meant to hydrate the skin and balance the pH level. Some also added the anti-aging ingredients to serve youthful appearance. By hydrating your skin and making it look younger than ever before. Plus it also helps to protect your skin from the sun damage. Because the sun can damage your skin badly and cause hyperpigmentation like issues.

Serum or Moisturizer… Which one is better?

Well, if you want to make your skin clear and younger, you need to understand your skin needs. Because no matter if you choose moisturizer or serum, it should serve your skin needs. In order to care for your skin with serums, you must choose it with your skin type. For example, the serum can be great in any oily, dry, or combination skin. All you need is to check out what the serum serves and is it suitable for your skin or not.

  1. Wash your face
  2. Cleanse your skin
  3. Use toner
  4. Apply serum
  5. Massage your face with moisturizer

On the other side, moisturizer is also great. But moisturizer varies according to your skin type. For example, if your skin is dry, then you need a moisturizer that contains glycerin. And if your skin is oily then you need a light moisturizer. So that it can provide the hydration and lock it into the skin. And the moisturizer that controls s the excess oil production from your skin. Also, if you are going outdoor, you must choose sunscreen to protect your skin from further sun damage.

The Bottom line

Therefore, the aforementioned study will inform you of the face serum benefits. So, before applying any moisturize, you must apply serum for your skin better care. And I have mentioned above, you need to build a good skincare routine daily. Because serums are like invisible skincare essential that works as a skin barrier. It reaches the deep layer of your skin. Whereas the moisturizers help to repair your skin barrier properly.

So, if you ask us, we at Murtela Cosmetics would like to suggest both serum and moisturizer will be beneficial for you. Because one side of the serum will help to defeat the skin barrier to reach the deeper skin layers. And on the other skin, the moisturizer replenishes and recondition a defeated skin barrier for better care.