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Common Oily Skin Myths | Myths About Oily Skin

Common Oily Skin Myths

Common Oily Skin Myths – Maintaining oil skin is not a piece of cake. People use various products and ways to maintain oily skin. You might feel like you can skip on the moisturizer or wash your face multiple times a day in an effort to mattify your skin while dealing with an oily complexion. But in reality, it’s nothing like that these are just the myths that if you will do this you can control the excess sebum production. Well, there are many Common oily Skin myths this blog will tell you about. 

Common Oily Skin Myths

Well here are some common oily skincare myths you must know about and if you have an oily skin then you must know that what is the real skincare routine that you must follow. Myths sometimes mislead you and can cause harm to your skin as well. For instance, if you are blessed with oily skin and someone suggests using a particular face pack to control sebum production whereas that face pack is not meant for the oily skin type. Hence it is imperative to follow the right skincare routine and avoid oily skin myths. 

Top Common Oily Skin Myths 2021

Well, there are many myths Related to oily skin that you may come around. Listing here some of the top myths that you must avoid if you are blessed with an oily skin type.

You should wash Oily skin More than twice a day to control excess oil 

Well aggressively stripping the natural oils with multiple washes and ridding the skin of impurities are two different things. Skin can become dry and overcompensate for the loss of oil by producing more if you wash your skin frequently. 

Hence try sticking to a daily regimen of cleansing morning and night with a non-comedogenic cleanser that’s gentle instead of kicking your sebaceous glands into overdrive. To slough away, dead skin cells on the skin’s surface try exfoliating your skin using a gentle scrub or chemical exfoliant without damaging tugging or tearing at your skin. 

There is no need to moisturize the oily skin

Well, there seems a lot of logic behind the thought that oily skin does Does not need an additional moisturizer coat every day. But sadly it just a myth that we are running on and is very far from the truth. 

Regardless of whether it’s oily or acne-prone all skin needs hydration. Hence go for the moisturizer that suits your skin type well and leaves a matty finish by refining the look of the large pores.

Oil production can be reduced by Blotting Papers 

Blotting paper is nothing but a temporary solution that helps in removing the excess oil sitting o the skin surfaces. As a result of using the blotting papers, there are no permanent changes in oil production but to remove the shine throughout the day they are a quick and easy way to remove the excess shine. Hence you can use blotting papers to remove extra oil from the skin. 

Consuming oily and fried foods causes Oily Skin

Well, it is a myth out there that a high-fat diet is responsible for oily skin but as such, there is no withstanding proof regarding it. Well for the persons obsessed with pizza it might be a piece of good news but the skin looks more oily on the consumption of sugary, oily foods and also experiences the blemishes, contact your doctor. 

Your oily skin may get worse with the sunscreen application 

You may think that sunscreen may wreak havoc on oily skin and gets a bad rap as it is heavy and greasy. Well, the truth is that not all the sunscreens are the same. Hence try using sunscreen having a lightweight ad oil-free formula that helps in protecting your skin all around. Sunscreen that is breathable, oil-free, and which do not clog pores are also best. 

Acne is Oily Skin’s best friend 

Oily skin and acne go hand in hand in many ways. As the excess sebum on the surface of the skin leads to the clogging of the pores in tandem with dirt, dead skin cells, impurities, and also interacts with bacteria. But this doesn’t mean that acne is something that the oily skin gurantees. There are also many other factors such as hormonal changes, stress, and genetics that are responsible for acne appearance. 


Well, these are the top myths regarding oily skin. Hence you must aid in trusting the myths and try following a healthy skincare routine to bless yourself with healthy and glowing skin.