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Best Time To Bathe Baby | What is the best time to bathe Your baby

Best Time To Bathe Baby

Best Time To Bathe Baby – Have a newborn! Want a gentle bath for the little one? The skin of the baby is delicate as well as it is vulnerable to many bacteria and germs the whole day. Though you try to keep up with the cleanliness and hygiene of the baby! Right from the nappy pads to every single cloth the baby wears, you have always taken good care of. We know you want to have the best baby bath for him. Have you ever wondered what the best time to bathe the baby is? Surely, no!

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Why is it essential to co-relate a simple bath with time intervals and exact time? A newborn being delicate and fragile is more prone to getting diseases and issues due to being at developing stage. You are likely to find more issues rather than any other thing when it comes to the perfect bath. As a mother, you would always want your baby to love this cleansing time the most. We give you some insights on the best time to bathe baby! This will help you achieve that happy and healthy smile of your little love.

Look Out For The Age Of Baby | 0 – 1 Age Group Guidelines

A newborn that is just a few days or weeks or months older, they have different procedures to follow. The baby being at healing and developing stage, the criteria of bathing and its time differs for a healthy body. Look out for the following:

  • 1 week to 4 weeks:

At this point of the stage, the baby is at the healing stage. Being born a few days back, the cord which attached with him and his mother i.e. umbilical cord stump is cut and requires time to heal. Thus, it is good to avoid a daily bath and a watery one the most. It is good to bathe for twice or at maximum thrice in a week. Be careful! Use a wet sponge to clean him especially the genital area & fingers.

  • 4 weeks and above:

Now the baby is compatible enough to give him a good tub bath. Though, we suggest you most care during first few months and be slow on the procedure.  As soon as the baby is grown enough to sit on his own or has grown little big, you can give a complete tub bath and add his delicacies like water toys and floats. Let him make a splash but be careful with the level of water in that tub.

Tips For A Perfect Baby Bath

People make mistakes! When we say mistakes, surely it can result badly. Why take a chance? We present you some good points to present your child with a good time bath and the guidelines to what to follow up. Read the following bathing tips for a baby:

  1. Make completely sure that you are fully prepared for all stuff like towel, diaper, clothes, powder, oil etc.
  2. Make sure the room temperature is warm which is not too hot or cold.
  3. Use lukewarm water without any kind of tap being run over.
  4. It is compulsory for you’re to teach him not to stand as well make sure the tub or area is not slippery for him.
  5. Never ever leave you child alone in the bathroom.
  6. Do not use bubble baths, soaps or shampoo baths. They may look fancy but can infect the child with diseases or cause allergies.
  7. Plan water is ideal for the bath.
  8. Keep the electrical appliances at bay.
  9. Check everything while you do everything before the bath.
  10. No hard water for the little one.

Perfect Timing For A Perfect Bath For Babies

Looking for the best time to bathe the baby? Surely following the above guidelines will make the babies bath a delicacy but even if you create the ambience the best, it is not as necessary for him to make happy. There are certain time periods in a day to make sure he feels good also. They would never fake if they do not feel good.

The correct time can anytime but after following some measures to make sure he does not go through cold or digestion problems for sure. Follow up the following:

  • Avoid bath before or after a meal.
  • If the baby is hungry it would not be liked by him to get into the water.
  • When he is not sleepy or sleeping is the time to avoid the most as it can irritate the child.
  • The bath should be warm as the child’s skin temperature get cold soon.
  • You should not be in any kind of hurry.

If you have successfully noted the points, then you may bath at any given intervals which are in the morning or at night before sleeping. Many people believe the evening time is the best predicted time for a bath as the day is warm and the little one won’t get a cold catch.

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