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Best Sunscreen in India | 5 Top Selling Sunscreen Lotion Brands 2019

Best Sunscreen Brands in India

Best Sunscreen in India – Looking for top-selling sunscreens and best sunscreen brands India for men & women of 2018 and 2019? Want a genuine product to protect from harsh rays? Searching for a way to have a healthy skin? Protect your skin from the sun rays. As we all know in India the people have different skin types so the sunscreen lotions for dry skin and sunscreen for oily skin are different. We bring the best sunscreen in India for good protection of your skin.

top sunscreen in India

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We all accept that sunlight is good for the body as it gives vitamin D but on the other hand, the time has changed and so do nature. The issues related to sun exposure has increased with more skin conditions under limelight now. Using a good sunscreen is very important. Know why? The harmful rays i.e. Ultraviolet A & Ultraviolet B cause the skin to damage.

They give birth to issues like pigmentations, dark spots, and blemishes, etc which are common and to severe skin cancer and skin allergies, etc. The world has become more conscious of being more protective rather being sorry. We all want beautiful skin for which owning a good sunscreen is very important. Which one to buy out of all of those hundreds of brands? We bring you enlisted in the best sunscreen in India for both dry and oily skin for you.

Best Sunscreen in India of Top Selling Brands for Men & Women

Get Along with best sun protection creams in India which will help you protects your skin and give complete safety from the harmful rays of the sun. No matter winter or summer, it is one product that you will need daily to keep yourself young and forever beautiful.

Murtela Sunscreen Spray SPF 30+++ (Top Sunscreen Brand Recommended by Dermatologists)

best sunscreen spray in India

India’s Fastest growing brand Murtela brings a new invention in Sunscreens. You have found several sunscreen creams in Indian Market. But Murtela has launched sunscreen Spray which provides you best ever results. This spray consists of top ingredients which help you in saving your face and body from harmful UV radiations.

The Price of Product – Rs 425.

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Murtela Sunscreen Gel SPF 40 (Top Rated Sunscreen Gel in India)

Best Sunscreen in India

It is a gel form sunscreen which helps in providing the right protection from the polluting agents. This sunscreen consists of special ingredients that help in providing protection from the harmful UV radiation. Also, this sunscreen gel helps in preventing skin from peeling and skin tanning issues.

The Price of Product – Rs 289 only

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Murtela Transparent Sunscreen Gel SPF 35 (Best Selling Sunscreen in India)

Best Sunscreen in india

Another sunscreen which is on the list of best sunscreen in India. This special product of Murtela consists of high strength non-greasy formulation that helps in providing instant relief from the skin tanning. It consists of best ingredients SULPHONIC ACID, ALLANTOIN, OCTYL-SALICYLATE, ALOE VERA, CUCUMIS SAIVUS EXTRACT, CITRULLUS LANATUS EXTRACT GEL BASE. These ingredients help in making this brand best in the field of sunscreen.

The Price of Product – Rs 185 only

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Murtela Sunscreen

The best sunscreen in India and a good brand, Murtela has an effective sunscreen lotion for the body and gel for the face which you can rely on. This is also among the best sunscreens for combination skin type that has some effective results to offer.

  • Ideal for oily and combination skin.
  • It comes in SPF 60 and 40 with a broad spectrum.
  • It is not greasy on the skin.
  • The application does not block pores.
  • The product is hypoallergenic.
  • It helps prevents premature aging and protects from daily pollution.

The Price of Product – Rs 369 only/-

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Lotus Herbals Sunscreen (Best sun protection recommended by dermatologist)

The effective range under Lotus Herbals flagships is endless. They offer wider choices for every skin out there.

  • Good natural ingredients.
  • Nice light fragrance.
  • Economic on the budget of you see the quantity.
  • Available for all skin types especially for the combination type.
  • A Wider range of SPF for almost every range which is found less in brands.
  • Ideal for oily skin.

Himalaya Protective Sunscreen Lotion (Best Sunscreen for sensitive skin)

Going natural has become a delicacy with Himalaya introducing its sunscreen lotion. It is not only the great results but the great effects which made is a top choice.

  • SPF 15.
  • Ideal for dry skin.
  • Hydrates the skin like a moisturizer.
  • The application will help prevent tanning as well as early signs of aging.
  • Essential natural ingredients like crab apple, galangal, aloe vera etc.
  • It has a soothing effect on the skin.

Aroma Magic Sunscreen

One of the reputed brands, Blossom Kochhar introduced good sun blockers within its product line Aroma Magic which are known for great results.

  • No chemical or artificial or added flavors present in it.
  • No presence of harmful paraben or alcohol.
  • It comes in a broad spectrum of SPF and PA++.
  • Available for different skin types.
  • They have a non-greasy effect.

Lacto Calamine Sun Shield

Lacto calamine was initially appreciated as a good makeup base for every day. Now if you love makeup=, then this can be your best friend.

  • Helps protect from dust and dirt.
  • Available in two variants which are oily skin and the other for dry skin.
  • The key ingredients are a lemon for oily skin & aloe vera for dry skin.
  • They are available in SPF 30 broad spectrum.

How To Choose The Right SPF?

The brands offer a huge SPF range like 15, 20, and 30 and so on but what exactly is SPF. SPF means Sun Protection Factor. It depends on the skin tone and complexion more often. Never get confused by the tan part and complexion part. The SPF is majorly dependent on your skin complexion.

A fair skin person will need higher SPF as it has low melanin, easily gets burned, exposed to skin cancers and much more whereas a dark complexion needs low SPF. The ideal SPF suggested will be 30 which is ideal for the Indian light skin complexion which is neither dark nor too fair.

How To Choose Sunscreen For Your Skin Type?

Just like every cosmetic product line whether a face wash, cream, moisturizer or even the makeup, you all go through by the skin type then why not the sunscreen. It will protect you from many things like pigmentation, discoloration, early signs of aging like fine lines, age spots, etc. even the right selection can help you in a lot of ways like preventing clog pores and help you give a healthier skin.

  • The Oily Skin: They have active oil glands which can be greasy for them. It is best to go for matte based or gel-based cream or lotion.
  • For The Dry Skin: They run out hydration in skin and want a moisturizing effect. Choose cream-based sunscreen cream and lotion.
  • For the Combination Skin: Though the skin is dry and oily both in different areas, it is suggestive to go for gel-based if you are the combination of oily and cream-based off you are the combination to dry skin type. If you are not aware of it get based would the choice.
  • For The Normal Skin: The least problematic skin. They should opt for cream-based sunblocks.


During Summer the temperature in India is pretty high. So we have listed one of the top-selling sunscreen lotion and sunscreen cream brands in India. Which helps you in fighting with harmful sun rays. You can choose from any of the aforementioned best facial sunscreens for both men and women to get the best results.