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Best Skin Serum In India | Skin Whitening Face Serum Brands 2018 - 2019

Best Skin Serum Brands In India

Best Skin Serum Brands in India – Get the list of best skin serum in India of 2018 & 2019 for both men and women. Skin serums are very important to maintain the texture and glow of your skin. It becomes even more important to use them especially when we are living in a pollution full environment. Here, we will discuss some of the best face & vitamin C Skin serum in India.

best Skin serum in India

Face serums have become an important beauty product these days for obvious reasons. If you have not added a serum to your beauty routine then it is high time to do it. There are plenty of brands that make the face serums but not all they are worth your attention so wisely choose the best serums that can benefit you in every way.

Why should you use skin whitening serums?

Face serums are usually thick and creamy which goes into the inside and deeper layer of skin that provides the proper moisture to the skin. A normal cream or moisturizer cannot go this deep inside the skin. Skin serums are nongreasy and can be easily blended. All these qualities make it a reliable and an easy choice for anyone with any type of skin. So, start using skin serums now for better skin and results.

Top selling skin serum in India 2019 | Best Face Serum Brands for Men & Women

It could be very difficult for you to choose a single serum among so many brands and their products. Most of the brands fail to fulfill their claims, therefore, it becomes more important to buy the best products. Therefore, to save you from the effort we have brought you the best skin serum brands in India that you can choose from.

Murtela Glopetra Plus Vitamin C + E Serum (Best face serum for oily skin)

Glopetra Plus Vitamin C + E Serum

This is probably the best skin serum available in the Indian market. It has several beneficial ingredients like ferulic acid, vitamin C, etcetera to name a few. These all ingredients aggregate to provide you the best skin care and eventually you will smoother skin like never before. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of using Glopetra plus vitamin c and e serum.

  1. It also acts as an antioxidant which provides further many benefits to the skin.
  2. This product has ingredients that protect you from the UV rays.
  3. It also helps in neutralizing the free radicals.
  4. It also helps in maintaining the skin tone.

The price of product – Rs 480

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WILD FERNS BEE VENOM SERUM (Best skin whitening serum)


This is yet another most used and trusted product of a known brand. It is a bit costlier than the usual serums but it is worth every penny of yours. It has the goodness of bee venom which can do wonders to your skin all in positive ways. Below listed are some of the perks of using Wild Ferns bee venom serum.

  • It nourishes the deeper layers of skin.
  • This product has the ingredients that promote better circulation of blood and increased the production of collagen and elastin.
  • This also helps in rejuvenation of your skin.

Price of the product – Rs 3,200

Pond’s Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum (Best face serum for glowing skin)

Pond’s Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum

Pond’s is one of the oldest and the most trustworthy beauty brand in existence. And its serum i.e. Pond’s gold radiance precious youth serum has gold particles in it. It further helps in keeping the skin soft and supple like never before. Also, it makes the skin tighter and reduce pores. All these qualities make this product a reliable choice for anyone.

Rate of the product – Rs 850

Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening skin Serum

Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum

Olay has never failed to impress its customers with its wide range of products. It is one of the best serums available in the Indian market. It may be a little expensive but it has wonderful results to show. Therefore, if you are thinking to buy a good serum then this could be a great option.

Price of the product- Rs1260

Types of Skin Serums Available in Indian Market

Indian market is the major hub of skincare products. You can get any beauty products like face serums etc. and of following types like

  1. Face Serums having vitamin C.
  2. Face Serums Having vitamin E.
  3. Whitening Serum for Face
  4. Best Face serum for 30-year-old.
  5. Oily Skin Face serum
  6. Skin brightening serum for men and women

Both the skin serums have their own benefits and role. So you have to choose according to your requirements.


Aforementioned, are the best brands of skin serums that are suitable for every type of skin. Also, they are affordable and very effective in their parts. So, go ahead and choose the best skin serum for your skin type and of your choice and wait for the best results possible.