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Best Moisturizer in India | Top 7 Skin Moisturizer Brands in India 2019

Best Moisturizer Brands in India

Best Moisturizer Brands in India – Still in search of best medicated Skin moisturizer brands in India of all top companies of 2018 and 2019? If yes then you are at right place. Winters have arrived and with a bang this time! Low temperature and soaring heaters! Have they all left your face dull, dry and flaky? Is it making your skin itchy and inflammable? My mum and grandmother have always been a fan of oil but hey! To keep the face hydrated, we have summed up some of the best moisturizers & moisturizing cream recommended by dermatologist

Best Moisturizer in India

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You cannot apply the oil all the way. The beauty world has one of the blessed offerings for the face. They have known brands and will help you achieve smoothness and hydration. A moisturizing cream or a moisturizing lotion or moisturizing gel! The product is available in three variants which are helpful in getting the desired results. A moisturizer can be broadly categorized into two – one for the body and the other for the face. It is one of the essential skincare products for your face. Be assured when you buy for any purpose. Now the market has a lot of options for you to offer with brand labels shining on top of the shelf. We give you the pick and enlist the best moisturizer brands India for the body and face.

Top Face Moisturizer Brands Available In India For all types of skin( 2020- 2021)

Find the list of Top rated Moisturizer brands for men and women.

Murtela White Musk Moisturizing Lotion (Top Rated Moisturizer Brand)

The best moisturizer to trust on! The presence of good moist looking ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe vera, almond and apricot oil, etc make it a good product to trust upon. The lotion is light and non-greasy. Easy on the application and gets absorbed by the skin easily. Ideal for all skin types, it can be used by men and women both.

The Price of Product – Only Rs 210.

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Vaseline Rage Of Moisturisers (Best selling Moisturizer brand)

Vaseline brand started off with petroleum jelly as their main line but now they have a successful range of moisturizing products which are most loved by the masses all over the world. Choose the classic or cocoa butter for dry skin or aloe vera for oily skin or healthy white for fair even skin, they have it all in their kitty with the best of the solution. They all have a certain amount of SPF in them. Available in various variants!

Lacto Calamine (Growing Moisturizer brand)

Want to protect your skin from dust and dirt? Looking for a good makeup base? Lacto Calamine has it all in it. The original variant and the Sun Shield variant, they have a solution for oily and dry face issues. They do not clog pores and help in removal of dead cells. It makes the skin smooth and does not get that shiny appearance. It is also a great toner and makeup base.

Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion

Ideal for those with normal skin, Himalaya has a good moisturizer for them. The presence of Vitamin E & Wheat Germ oil along with Corn & apricot oil, aloe vera and much more make it a delicacy for the skin.  It has a light fragrance. The application will help you get smoother skin with quick repairing of damages to skin cells. Buy @ 65 for 70ml.

Parachute Advanced Body Lotions

Parachute is globally known for its coconut oil and now presents a whole line of moisturizers which are perfect for dry and the skin which needs intensive care. The presence of coconut milk will help you hydrate the skin. The good fragrance is loved by all. It will help give you soft skin.

Nivea Range Of Moisturizing Creams & Lotions

Perfect for dry skin and flaky skin, you can trust this brand which is known for best moisturizing formulas! Nivea range has creams which are that classic blue tube, a moisturizing cream which is the lighter variant of the classic version, white cell repair and Sun Protection Lotions, etc. They all are regarded as good for body skin as well as facial skin.

Murtela Transparent Gel (Top selling Moisturizer Gel)

A gel-based moisturizer which is ideal for oily skin but suits the dry skin also. It can be used by the aging skin as it helps prevent premature aging. Being gel based it is non-greasy and does not clog pores. It contains SPF 35 which helps in protecting the face from the sun’s harmful rays. Buy @ Rs 185.

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Types of Skin Moisturizers You Can Get

Indian market is the main hub of several skin products which helps in curing several skin problems. Same is the case with Moisturizers and moisturizing lotions. You can get moisturizers in India of several types which are as listed

  1. Best moisturizer for dry skin.
  2. For Face, you can get best face moisturizer for combination skin.
  3. Best moisturizer for oily face.
  4. If you have some skin problem then you can also get the best moisturizer for the face recommended by dermatologist.
  5. For the body, you can get Best body moisturizer.
  6. Best face moisturizer for combination skin with SPF.

Benefits Of Using Skin Moisturizer

There are many benefits of using a skin moisturizer on the face. Usually, people use moisturizer during the winter season as it helps in removing dryness of the face and body. If you are the one who has never used skin moisturizer before then we suggest you use it now and see the benefits yourself. Here are some of the benefits of skin moisturizer mentioned below

  • It adds moisturizer to skin
  • Make your skin glowing
  • Make you look beautiful
  • Removes dryness from the body or face
  • It makes skin and faces smooth and soft.

Tips On Using Moisturizer To Buying One For Your Skin!

Your skin is one element which is vast but still differs from one part to another. We all own a skin type which is oily, dry, combination and sensitive. The opposite poles cannot meet the results with the same products. The market has a solution for you to tackle the issue. Here’s a guideline for you to pick a moisturizer for yourself.

  • For Dry Skin (Heavy + Oil-Based)
  • If you have Oily Skin (Light + Gel/ Water-Based)
  • For Combination Skin (Light + Water-Based)
  • If you have Sensitive Skin ( Soothing Ingredients + No Additives)
  • For Ageing Skin (Oil-Based + Anti-oxidants)

Once you know your type, take a look at the tips to use it correctly:

  • A day moisturizing cream and night moisturizing cream should not be confused by any means. They are to be applied at the given time of day.
  • Eye cream is especially for the delicate skin area of eyes which is as essential.
  • Apply it on the neck also.
  • Buy the one with good SPF amount when it comes to daytime.
  • After cleansing section, apply the moisturizer within 60 seconds to avoid loss of hydration.


As we all know in India there are so much skin moisturizer brands available. So it becomes hard for the users to choose the right. So we are listing some of the few top skin moisturizing cream brands in India which are now top-selling brands recommended by dermatologist. You can select according to your own skin type.