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Best Medicated Soaps In India | Medicated Soaps For Skin Problems

Best Medicated Soaps In India

Best medicated soaps in India – Why medicated soaps are better for skin? Well, we do have some responsibilities towards our skin but somehow we’re lost in choosing skincare products. Importantly, soap is the one people usually use while bathing. So, it’s important to choose one that effectively medicates our skin. Now, look at the best medicated soap in India below.

Best Medicated Soaps In India


Because medicated soaps are the one that contains antibiotic properties with natural ingredients. To heal the dry skin and make it even softer than before. The medicated soaps that bring varieties of benefits like a moisturizer, antibiotic, mild fragrance, and even work as antifungal soap. Additionally, the list of the best soap for skin problems describes all that you need.

Medicated soap list 2019 -2020

Due to the increasing pollution, our skin suffers from loss of dust and dirt daily which creates more skin issues. but don’t worry. In the following session, we bring the best medicated soap for skin that ultimately helps your skin naturally. Scroll down.

Murtela Acne Wash Soap

It is time to get rid of all acne problems. Here, Murtela brings the best antiacne soap that reduces the acne-causing germs from the skin. This soap brings the natural medicated properties that treat the acne internally for the skin with any side-effects. In which, the ingredients are Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide and Triclosan.

murtela acne wash soap

  1. This is the best anti-acne soap in India.
  2. It contains Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide & Triclosan.
  3. The bar reduces the presence of acne-causing germs.

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Liscab soap

Here, Lifestyle brings good news for soap lovers. The Liscap soap by Lifestyle Bioscience Dermacare is one of the best medicated soaps in India. Further, with the presence of ingredients like 1% of Permetherin+Glycerin. Such ingredients help in improving the skin’s health. Also, this soap contains 98% of pure glycerin that works to moisturize the skin’s texture. So, if you want healthy clear and hydrated skin then Liscap soap will be the best solution for you.


  • This is a natural skin improver.
  • It gently purifies the skin.
  • The bar makes skin softer and smoother.

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This medicates soap price is  Rs. 83/- 

Murtela All Fair Soap

India’s top-selling fairness soap. Here, Murtela brings a medicated soap that helps to enhance the fairer look of your skin. The Murtela all fair soap having medicinal properties to improve the skin texture internally. Due to the properties like Kojic acid dipalmitate, Vitamins and Glycerin. It eventually removes the bad skin cells and makes your skin brighter.

all fair soap

  • This is the best fairness soap in India.
  • It has medicinal properties.
  • The bar contains Kojic acid dipalmitate, Vitamins & Glycerin

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This medicates soap price is Rs. 110/- 

Murtela Moisturizing Soap

Murtela brings the best moisturizing soap that contains natural ingredients. Ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, And Aloe vera extracts to restore skin hydration naturally. Moreover, it helps to protect the skin texture and make it naturally moisturized all day long.

murtela moisturizing bar

Furthermore, this bathing bar is enriched with natural ingredients that leave healthy and refresh skin. It is made from Syndet base that balance and maintain the skin pH balance. By reducing the dryness, it makes skin well-hydrated and locks the moisturize inside the skin pores.

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This medicates soap price is Rs. 98/- 

Flulin Soap


The Lifestyle Bioscience Dermacare brings a special formula that helps to heal fungal infections form the skin. The Flulin soap consists of unique ingredients to cure fungal infections. Ingredients like Luliconazole which is also known as an antifungal agent. Additionally, this antifungal soap helps to prevent the bacteria that cause infections. Here, the Flulin soap helps to treat:

  1. Skin acne treatment
  2. Eczema
  3. Athlete’s foot
  4. Joke itch
  5. Body odor

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Gloepetra Soap By Lifestyle Bioscience


The Gloepetra soap by lifestyle bioscience is a medicated soap that has a unique odor-fighting formula. This soap can make you feel refresh all day long. Also, a bar that completes all your needs and hydrates your skin purely. The soap can be applied to a baby’s skin as well.

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This medicates soap price is  Rs. 139/- 

Bottom Line

Soaps are the ones people usually apply during a bath. So, you must choose the right for a skincare product that has been used daily. The foregoing study informs the top medicated soap for itching. Because taking good care of our skin is a priority.