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Best Makeup Products in India | Top 4 Make Up Brands India 2018 - 2019

Best Makeup Products in India

Best Makeup Products in India – Are you in the search for the best makeup product brands in India Of 2017, 2018 & 2019? If the answer is yes, then there could not be a better place than this. Buying and using makeup is every girl’s prerogative and it has been like this for ages now. Wearing the right kind of makeup can make you look so much better and can add definite charm to your overall personality. But to get the perfect look, you will also have to use the right products. So, here we have brought you the list of the makeup brands India recommended by dermatologists. 

Best makeup products in India

There are so many products in cosmetics that might seem worthless but prior to the right application can make you look radiant like never before. Makeup is certainly every girl’s best friend for the obvious reasons. And buying them gives sheer pleasure.

The list of the top Make Up products in India With Price List 2018 -2019

There are tens and thousands of cosmetic brands available in the Indian market. But not all of them deserves your attention because most of them usually damage your skin instead of protecting it. Beauty products are one such thing that should be used with extreme care because of the obvious reasons. Below mentioned is the list of the best beauty products for the Indian skin tone.

Murtela Skin Lightening Cream

Best Make Up Products in India

Murtela is one of the leading companies in the beauty industry as it deals in the manufacturing of the best and high -quality cosmetic and beauty care products. The fairness cream by Murtela is a revolutionary form of the ingredients that collectively diminish the dead skin cells. Regular use of this product will give you better glow and radiance like never before. You can definitely ponder on this fairness cream to get the desired results in less time. Below mentioned are some of the other benefits of using this cream.

  • It helps you in giving a glowing skin, unlike the older days.
  • This gives you a smoother texture and fair complexion with very few uses.
  • It consists of aloe vera, Vitamin E and cream base that works best for any type of skin.

The price of product – Rs 439

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Maybelline Dream Touch Blush

Top makeup products in India

One of the best advantages of using Maybelline dream touch blush is that it can be even used as a highlighter on several occasions. The texture of this blush is extremely smooth that makes it easy for any type of skin to blend properly. It stays for a long time, unlike the other blushes. All these qualities make this blush an easy choice for anyone. It comes in varieties of shades to choose from.

The rate of product – Rs 309

Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse

Best makeup products in India

Lakme is one of the beauty brands that needs no introduction. This is a lightweight formulation that has a silky smooth texture. It has a matte finish prior to the right application of the product. This product evens out the skin tone and makes your skin look beautiful like never before. Lakme absolute material skin natural mousse stays for quite a long time which becomes the reason for you to add into your cosmetic bag now.

The price of product – Rs 544 

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 16 hours Concealer

Top cosmetic products in India

L’Oreal is yet another famous cosmetic brand not only in India but everywhere in the world. Concealer is the crucial part of the makeup and this product is sure to give you the desired results. It stays for 16 long hours which makes it an incredibly effective and easy choice for anyone. This product is a bit expensive, but the results and the look will definitely overshadow the money spent.

The price of product – Rs 3,274

Benefits Of Using Make Up Products

There are many benefits of using makeup products for you as to when you look good, you feel good. Makeup is the best way to enhance natural beauty. If you are the one who never used makeup before, try it once and you will see the result yourself. Here are some of the benefits of using makeup products mentioned below

  • It helps in enhancing the natural beauty of the face
  • Removes marks and dark circles
  • Make you look beautiful and attractive
  • Boost your confidence level


Any girl can get instant happiness after wearing makeup. To get the perfect look be it for the party, casual or any occasion it is important to use the right and high -quality products. Aforementioned are some of the best products that you should definitely add to your makeup routine. So, go ahead and choose these products or more specifically cosmetic products to add to your charm and overall personality.