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Best Hair Serum For Oily Hairs | Top Indian Oily Hairs Serum 2018 - 2019

Best Hair Serum For Oily Hairs

Best hair serum for oily hairs – Are you looking for the best hair serums for your oily hairs? If yes, then this is the right place for you. Hair serums are not the newest trend in the hair care industry & also different from dry hairs. But the new add-on features make them the most effective and used hair care products among others. If you are not aware of these hair serums then here we will discuss some of the best selling hair serums for oily hairs.

best hair serum for oily hairs

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Oily hair is not one of the easiest to take good care of. They are sticky and greasy which has the ability to completely damage your overall personality. Also, sticky hair can lead to several other hair problems too. There are fortunately many hair care products that help in taking care of oily hairs with complete ease.

What are the benefits of using hair serums for Oily Hairs?

Now, you might be wondering about the benefits of using hair serums on a regular basis. With the right usage of these products, you can have silky smooth hair without many efforts. There are several benefits of using hair serums that can convince you to them right away. So, scroll down to check them out.

  • Hair serums add luster to the dry hairs instantly and also maintains the excess oil in the oily hairs.
  • They help in managing the untamable hair with complete ease.
  • It also helps in protecting hair from damage.
  • They also help in styling your hair.
  • Also, they help in reducing hair loss.

Top selling Hair serums for Oily Hairs 2019 – 2020

There are a number of brands available that make hair serums but not all of them are worth your attention and investment. These hair serums claim to provide you the best results but they often end up causing the damage. Therefore, to save you from the effort we have compiled a list of the top selling serums for hair.

Murtela hair serum, 50ml for oily hairs


Murtela is one of the leading brands in the beauty industry that are known to make the best hair serums. It has effective ingredients like aqua, ubiquinone, linoleic acid, Dexpanthhydroxyethylcelluloselulose, glycerin, etc to name a few that make your hair extra smooth and silky. Also, this is the product that is most suitable for people having oily hair. It is a hair serum for both men and women.

The price of product – Rs 850

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Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie Deep smoothing serum

Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie Deep smoothing serum

This is one of the most used and effective brands in the hair care industry. It has the ingredients that make your hair smooth and silky without weighing them down. They also help in controlling the extra hair on the scalp which is caused due to the excessive secretion of oil from the oil glands. This is the product you definitely need to consider if you want to take care of your oily hair.

The rate of product – Rs 145

Loreal smooth intense serum for oily hair

Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie Deep smoothing serum

Loreal is one brand that is known to make quality beauty and hair products. Hair serum is one of their best products. Loreal smooth intense serum is perfect for the oily hairs because of the ingredients present in it. It can also be used by the people having dry hair. This product is a unisex product that means it can be used by any gender.

Livon Silky Potion for sticky hair

Livon silky potion serum

Livon was the first brand to introduce hair serums and it is still used to the most extent to treat hair problems. It is a hair serum that smells good and has the ingredients that make your hair soft and smooth. It is readily available in the nearest store of you and is available at low rates that make it an easy choice for anyone. This is definitely a product to be pondered on.

The price of product – Rs 184


Aforementioned, are the best selling hair serums that are most suitable for oily hair. I hope this might have helped you to find the best product to get rid of the excess oil on your scalp. So, go ahead and choose one of them to get the best results.