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Best Hair Oil Brands in India | Top 5 Hair Growth Oils India 2019 - 2020

Best Hair Oil Brands in India

Best Hair Oil in India – Want the list of best hair oil brands in India 2018 and 2019 for dry hairs and oily hairs? If yes then you are at right place. Hairs are an important part of your personality and confidence. Thick and healthy tresses are everyone’s desire whether you are a male or woman. Now that the winters are on the threshold, your strands must be in need of moisture and hydration. But the hair oil price list varies according to the brands. So we have listed some of the best and top selling hair nourishing oil brands in India which you can choose according to your need.

The harsh weather, dust, dirt, and environment make them dirty and dull. Now that the winters are coming it is a must to take extra care of them. The weather being cold and ways most of the hydration, it makes the strands lifeless and dry. Today’s generation knows less about the importance of oiling them.

Best Hair Oil in India

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Have you ever wondered why the hairs of your mother and grandmother are so lustrous and healthier even at such an age? Oiling has been a core way of getting every strand moistened and nourishes. For this purpose, you need to have to own good oil which has all the nourishment in them. Thus, we bring you best dandruff control oil for hairs in India.

Top Hair Oils Brand in India 2019 – 2020

Oiling on a frequent basis is a good practice. It is a must to have this section at least once in a week for a healthier and longer strand. Now you cannot extract oil from every ingredient! The market is flooded with potential oil for hairs ranging from single ruling ingredients to fusion for a better result. Hold on as we bring you best hair oils in India for that nourished lock. Also, the below-mentioned oil brands come on the list of best hair care products of India for both men and women.

Murtela Hair Oil (Best Non-Sticky Hair Oil in India)

Murtela brought this best fusion oil which is ideal for dry to oily hairs. The application of this oil will make them healthier and stronger. It can effectively be used for skin orders as well. Murtela oil is the best oil for fast growth and thickness in India for both men and women. It consists of Almond oil and lemon oil ingredients that help in controlling in falling of hairs.

Best Hair Oil in India

  • Ideal for dry, damaged and brittle hairs.
  • Easily solves lice and dandruff problems.
  • Prevent the buildup of bacteria and fungi in the scalp.
  • The review of Murtela Oil is best.

The price of Product – It is available for Rs 249.

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Parachute Coconut Oil (Best Hair Growth Oil Brand India)

You will find it everywhere you go! Whether you are living in a village or city, this product will the most common thing you will find. The brand Parachute is well known for its coconut oil products. Looking for hot champion or fusion with jasmine or that classic coconut oil, this has given it all. Parachute coconut oil is the best oil for hair fall control for both males and females. Coconut has all the necessary ingredients and minerals that are required to take proper care of them. It is the best Coconut Oil in India and also considered as the best oil for fast growth.

  • The oil is non-greasy and non-sticky.
  • Easily absorbs into the scalp.
  • Available in various variants for every budget.
  • Affordable price rate.
  • Ideal for dry and frizzy hairs as an alternative to serums to handle the frizz.

The price of product – Rs 145

Dabur Amla Oil (Best Anti-Hairfall Oil India)

One of the top selling hair oils of all time, Dabur is a brand known for many decades. Their Amla oil is no less than magic especially. With the benefits of amla, these are no doubting that it will make them more healthy and strong from the roots to tip. Dabur Amla oil is best for fast growth, so, if you are suffering from fall then it could be a great option. You can definitely consider this oil to get the best result and prevent them from falling and other related problems. It is the best Ayurvedic oil for growth.

  • It is good for light hair as it has a lightweight formula.
  • Dabur Amla oil is non-sticky and does not turn greasy.
  • The good fragrance of amla.
  • Affordable price and easily available.

The price of product – Rs 125

Bajaj Almond Drops Oil (best Non Sticky Hair regrowth Oil Brand India)

Almond Drops by Bajaj is no less than a delicacy back in the 90s. It is no surprise that it is still going stronger with time. Being light hair growth oil it covers almost 60% of the market. You can trust the product for its best results by millions of customers worldwide. It is the best nonsticky growth oil brand in the Indian market.

  • It is rich in Vitamin E.
  • Bajaj Almond Oil is non-sticky.
  • The light fragrance of almond.
  • Hydrates them very well.
  • Ideal for those who love styling the hairs more often.
  • It makes them softer and manageable.
  • Genuine pricing.

The price of this product – Rs 250

Kesh King Oil

Best hair oils in India
Beautifully packed in a green bottle, Kesh King is a fusion oil and has taken the market by storm for its Ayurvedic fusion. The product has used ancient Ayurvedic formulas to give you complete nourishment. Also, Kesh King Oil solves an array of issues. It is the best herbal hair oil in the Indian market.

  • It has the essence of 16 herbs which are prepared in Sesame oil.
  • This oil helps nourish the matrix cells of every strand.
  • It is helpful for curing dandruff, hairs re-growth, gray and much more.

The price of kesh king oil – Rs 130

Satthwa Hair Oil

Best hair oil in India

It is becoming one of the fasting growing the brand of India. The results of this hair growth oil are immense. It has the best ingredients which condition hairs, reduce falling of hairs and nourish them properly. The price of this product is very genuine you can get in from the market only at Rs. 599.

Video Presentation of Top-Rated Hair Oil Brands India

The growing demand for hair oils in India

Hair oils have always dominated the market because of the several benefits it provides. Almost everyone uses hair growth oil to protect their hair from damage and make them strong. It is estimated that these Oils market in India to grow at a CAGR of 19.90 percent over the period 2014-2019. This percentage will grow immensely in the coming future for obvious reasons.

Types of Hair Oils Present in Indian Market

Indian market is full of amazing products for all kinds of things. The same is the case with oil for hairs. Here is the list of types of hair oil you can choose

  1. Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oils.
  2. Herbal Hair Regrowth Oils.
  3. Hibiscus oil for Hairs.
  4. Essential Oils for Hair growth.

Tips To Apply Hair Oils Effectively

Using the product in an effective way is the key to driving the maximum benefit! But only some know how to use it. If you have light hairs which get easily damaged, then it is a problem. Gone are those days when the rough Champi was your good friend. Know some good tips to apply to those strands:

  • Always use your fingers while you do the massage.
  • Use warm oil applied for deep penetration.
  • The use of palm should be avoided as it can tear off the weak strands easily.
  • Never use oil outside in the sun as it attracts dust and dirt with maximizing heat.
  • It is best to apply oil for the whole night or to a minimum of 2 hours.
  • If you consider fusion then be careful with the brands especially if it is chemical in nature.


Hair oils are the basic need of both men and women. These oils not only nourish hairs but also helps in maintaining shine and stronger hairs. So above we have listed on top-selling oil for hairs in India of 2016 and 2017 to control Hairfall which you can choose according to your needs.