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Best Face Wash For Dry Skin | Face Wash For Rough Skin in India 2020

Best Face Wash For Dry Skin

Best Face Wash for dry skin – Are you searching for the best face wash brands for dry skin? If yes, then there could not be a more appropriate place than this. Dry skin looks bad and it lowers down your confidence to the most levels. Furthermore, it leads to several other skin issues. Your skin becomes hard and develops rough patches due to the lack of proper moisture. Here, we will discuss some of the best face wash for dry skin in winters best suited for rough skin.

Best face washes for dry skin

There are plenty of reasons behind the dryness of your skin. It could be hereditary or because of several factors like pollution, improper diet, improper hydration, etc. to name a few of them. The Indian market has an abundant amount of facial washes available to choose from. You just need to invest your time and money on the right product.

Top Selling Indian Facial Washes for Dry and Rough Skin 2019 – 2020

It can be very difficult to choose a single product especially when it comes to taking care of your skin. Facial skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the whole body that needs constant care and attention. Therefore, we have brought you some of the best facial washes for rough skin. You can choose any of the below -mentioned products to treat your skin.

Murtela Gold Facial Wash – Best Dry Skin Fairness Face Wash

Best face wash in India

Murtela Gold facial wash is one of the best dry facial washes available in the Indian market. It has the ingredients that are effective in every way and provide the right moisture to your skin. This facial wash provides an instant glow to your face. You can maintain the moisture and the natural glow on your face with the Murtela Gold Facial wash. It is a good option for anyone suffering from dry skin.

The rate of product – Rs 179/-

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Murtela Nourishing Glow Facial Wash

Best face wash for dry skin

Murtela Nourishing glow facial wash has the ingredients that help in reducing the dark circles, pimples along with dryness. One of the major reasons to choose this facial wash is that it is effective and is available at an affordable rate. If you are still not impressed then we have brought you some of the best benefits of this amazing face wash.

  • It also prevents the anti-aging signs by removing the dead skin and old cells.
  • This facial wash helps in improving the skin texture and tone.
  • It can be used by anyone of any skin type but is most effective on dry skin.
  • It also helps in cleaning the pores.

The price of product – Rs 220/-

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Murtela Facial Wash

Best face washes for dry skin

Face washes are one such beauty and skincare product that is used on a high scale across the globe. Murtela brings the best facial wash that prevents your face from skin problems. This formulation is super effective and can be used by any gender regardless of age. It can be a great option for you if you want good looking skin.

The rate of product – Rs 125/-

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Himalaya Herbals Gentle Hydrating Face Wash

Best face washes in India for dry skin

One of the best advantages of using Himalaya Herbals Gentle hydrating facial wash is that it is soap-free which does not irritate your skin at all. This facial wash is ideal and very effective for the dry, rough and patchy skin. It removes all the dirt, impurities from your skin which will make it soft and supple. Not only this, Aloe vera and cucumber present in this product will hydrate and moisturize your skin.

The rate of product – Rs 85/-


Facial washes are very important to take care of your facial skin to the most extent. You can get the best skin if you will use the right product on a regular basis. Above- mentioned are the best products for your dry skin that you can choose from. So, go ahead and now start using a facial wash to treat the dryness on your face.