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Best Face Scrub in India | Top 5 Face Scrubs Brands 2019 - 2020

Best Face Scrub in India

Best Face Scrub in India – Looking for best face scrub brands in India of 2018 and 2010? Do you know Face scrubs for men, women, & girls are different? Want to exfoliate your skin but confused over hundred of brands? Searching for a good brand that can help in the removal of dead skin? Your skin sheds regularly and as you progress in years, the skin sheds more with time leading to the accumulation of skin cells leading to many issues. Also, the below-mentioned face scrub brands in India are recommended by dermatologists & helps in treating acne prone skin too.

best face scrubs in India

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Good skincare has been the demand of every person whether man or woman. If you cleanse and moisturize yourself, then never forget to exfoliate it with scrub on a daily basis. So, we bring you best face scrubs in India for you. Have you wondered why your skin freckles or have early signs of aging? Even if you clean your skin regularly still you have pimples, acne, blackheads, and blemishes?

When your skin sheds its old and damaged cells, it leads to decomposition on the skin and if you are not regular with your scrubbing, then this may lead to issues such as breakouts and further harassing ailments on the skin. Those cells stick to the skin which causes the pores to block and the problems are born. So we are listing the best face scrub in India for men and women. Which you can use in order to get rid of problems.

Top Face Scrub in India 2019 – 2020 (Best Face Scrubs For Men and Women)

If your skin is looking dull and lifeless, then you surely need best face scrub in India which can help you give that glowing and radiant skin that you always wanted to have. Whether a male or female, this will help you get you rid of the piles on the skin which is irritating you by forming blemishes, acne, breakouts, and pimples, etc. Scroll down to check out the best face scrubs for fairness in India. 

Murtela Nourishing Glow face wash

Best face washes in India

Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up. And if you live an unhealthy lifestyle there are chances you might face skin care issues a lot more than often. Little efforts towards your skin are healthy in the long run. Murtela Nourishing glow face wash is loaded with the extracts of aloe vera that makes your skin supple & smooth. Adding this to your regular skincare routine will bring visible results in no time.

The price of the product – Rs 220/-

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Murtela Honey and Oatmeal Scrub (Best Medicated Face Scrub for oily skin)

Best face scrub in india

India’s best face scrub brand goes to Murtela! The product offers a good benefit of honey and oatmeal scrub which is good for the skin. Oatmeal is said to have fine granules that gently scrubs the skin and honey being a natural moisturizer and reactants.

  • It is available at a price of Rs 179.
  • This product is ideal for normal to oily skin.
  • Even sensitive skin people can use it.
  • Good ingredients like jojoba oil, jasmine extracts, apricot seed powder, etc.

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Himalaya Facial Scrub Collection (Facial Scrub for Acne Prone Skin)

Himalaya has offered great variants and has given every skin to rejoice in its own skin. If you have oily skin or dry skin or combination or even for the fairness purpose, they have it all in their catalog for you with good ingredients and genuine price tag with variants to accompany along.

  • Use Himalaya neem scrub for all skin types especially for the oily and pimpled skin.
  • Use Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub for Oily skin the aging skin.
  • Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Apricot scrub  for dry skin as it has Vitamin E
  • Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening face scrub for fairness and glowing complexion.

Lakmè Clean Up Pores Face Scrubs (best Face Scrub for Fairness)

Lakmè introduced this product and is rejoiced by millions so far. This scrub is a part of a kit that faces scrubbing being the second step and it is in a cool mint color tube which is handy to carry and looks cute.

  • Ideal for combination & sensitive skin type.
  • The product contains fine granules.
  • Good ingredients list with green tea extracts, salicylic acid and much more.
  • It is good for oily skin type as it controls oil glands effectively.

Mitti Se Purifying Face Scrub (best Facial Scrub for Sensitive Skin)

Ideal for all skin types, this face scrub is one of the best organic face scrubs in India. the products offer a powdery form and can use for a variety of purposes and the best part is to use it as per your choice. Mix and apply with a number of ingredients just like a home remedy.

  • It is 100% organic.
  • It does not contain chemicals, parabens, artificial colours, and preservatives.
  • The genuine price tag of Rs 190.
  • Come with the best of the benefits of fuller’s earth and neem, almond, lemon, etc.

The Body Shop Facial Scrub Range

The Body Shop brand is globally known around the world for its good quality service for skincare. Thus, it is one of the best face scrubs in India. They have a wide range to offer and are a delicacy for many.

  • A variety of variants available in the market.
  • Good ingredients listed.
  • Genuine price if compared to quantity and results.
  • It helps remove dead cells and gives clear and flawless soft skin.

Benefits Of Using Medicated Face Scrub Recommended by Dermatologist

There are many benefits of using a face scrub. It cleans your face deeply and removes all the dirt from the face. If you are the one who has never used face scrub before, we suggest you use it now and you will see the result yourself. Here are some of the benefits mentioned below using a face scrub.

Top facial scrubs in India

  • Cleans your face deeply
  • Helps in removing all the dirt from the face
  • Make you look more beautiful and attractive
  • Reduce acne problem
  • Nourish your face skin

Demand Of face Scrub In India

The demand for face scrub in India is high because of its multiple benefits. It helps in enhancing natural beauty. Whether its women or men, everybody prefer face scrub to clean their face deeply and to remove all the dirt and impurities from the face. You can choose any face scrub which is mentioned above. Choosing the best one can be difficult for you as there are a different variety of products available in the market. That is the reason we mentioned the list of good face scrubs.

Always Use Facial Scrub According To Skin Type!

The variety and dozens of products are being offered for your face. You cannot rely on just any! If a cosmetic product can make your skin beautiful remember the fact a wrong product can make it worse too. Always be face to face with your face type. Have a product and choose a product that suits your face type. A good combination will help you garner the best results.

Facial Scrub For Oily Skin: Your face has active oil glands that need a scrubbing section at least twice in a week. Always buy oil-free, gel-based face scrub for this purpose. Have a gentle scrubbing, especially of you, have sensitive skin.

Facial Scrub For Dry Skin: Your skin is flaky, dry and itchy most of the time which means a good scrubbing which should be followed by a good moisturizer within 60 seconds to avoid dehydration and red patches. Always buy a cream-based with good essential oils or moisturizing ingredients. Use a pea-size which is enough for your face.

For Combination Skin:  It is best to buy an all skin type with organic-based ingredients that are suitable for your skin.

For The Sensitive Skin: This skin type is vulnerable to react sooner and has issues like itching, redness, inflammable, etc. it is best to stick with one and the only one which suits your face. Have microbeads and no harsh scrubbing. It is best to go organic or natural with no chemicals or fragrance or alcohol to irritate you. A moisturizer must be applied on the face.


Facial Scrubs are one of the most important products which help in removing the impurities and blackheads from face easily. So we have listed top selling face scrub brands of India for fairness which you can choose according to your skin type.