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Best Baby Soap in India | Top 7 Baby Soap Brands in India 2018 - 2019

Best Baby Soap in India

Best Baby soap in India – Are you in search of best baby soap brands in India between 2018 – 2019? If yes then you are at right place. Having a gentle bath is the thing we look for newborn infants! Baby skin is so delicate and thin that it can damage even by a touch of coarse fabric or rough cloth. As the skin is still developing, it requires the most care and attention. You cannot rely on the ingredients as they may be harsh for the skin of babies. So we are sharing one of the best baby soap in India for your little one.

best baby soap in India

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If you thought soap is just for cleansing, think for a while! The skin of a fully grown and an infant differs by many layers. The presence of paraben, harsh chemicals and additives and much more make it dangerous for the skin of babies. It can react and cause issues like allergies, blisters; irritation, etc. market has a solution for this! Baby products special bars for bathing. Know the best baby soap in India which is gentle on the skin and does not harm the delicate skin of the infants.

Top Baby Soap Brands in India (2018 – 2019)

We give a sneak peek to the best baby soaps in India. They have known brands. They have been in the industry for decades and are served as best when it comes to infants. Whether a newborn or still a few months old, these brands have a solution for everything you need.

Murtela Baby Soap (Fastest Growing Baby Soap brand in India)

best baby soap in India

The best baby soap for fairness in India is the brand, Murtela! The ingredient list is rich which contains aloe vera, olive oil, fenugreek, licorices and much more to the list. The bar has the potential to fight infections with a balanced pH level of 5.5 which is good for your baby skin. It will make the skin soft with hydration. Buy @ Rs 95. Even you can use this soap for 4 year old baby.

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Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Baby Soap

Himalaya Herbals is widely known for its usage of herbs in its ingredients. You can rely on the products as they are safe for infants (those under baby products category). The mild bar contains essentials olive and almond oil and many other ingredients which are gentle for the baby. Buy @ Rs @ 29 for 75 gm. It is the best skin whitening soap for babies.

Johnson’s Baby Soap

Best brand when it came to products for babies, it is more than 120 years old. The bar is good for a newborn infant’s skin. The bar is clinically proven mild. It has one-fourth baby lotion present in it which makes it hydrating and moisturizing. The presence of vitamin E makes it a good bar. It is the best baby soap brand in the world.

Doy Soap

Remember the soap with shapes of animals, princess or Batman? This soap was as delightful as it looked. The best thing about the product is that it is dermatologically tested and is found safe for the infants. It is enriched with Shea butter and milk cream. It is ideal for children of all ages. Buy @ 70 for a pack of 3.

Chicco Baby Moments Soap

Rich in glycerin and vitamin E, Chicco brand has one of the best soap for infants in India. it does not dry the skin and leaves it clean and hydrated for long. Ideal for sensitive skin babies! The ingredients also contain natural starch from potatoes and corns. It is affordable. Buy @ 54 for 75 gm.

Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

Want something special for the sensitive skin? Sebamed is known for its good ingredients lists. The bar is safe on the skin. It does not have any paraben, dyes, alcohol, SLS, etc. It contains glycerin vegetable based bar and is clinically tested. Thus, it is safe for your baby with hypoallergenic. @ 250 for 100 gm.

Baby Dove Bar Rich Moisturize

Dove has one of the best moisturizing formulas in the country. The baby care range includes soap which is good for the baby skin. The balanced pH level and hypoallergenic bar make it a good choice for the baby. If your baby gets easily irritated by the fragrance of bars, then you can have Dove which has a light fragrance which is ideal for even the most sensitive skins. Buy @25 for 50 gm. If your baby has sensitive skin then you can choose Dove baby bar.

Types of Baby Soaps Available in Indian Market

You can find the following types of Soaps for Babies in India like

  1. Best baby soap for newborns.
  2. Baby soaps for sensitive skin.
  3. If you want soap in a designed form then you can choose Baby soap teddy bear.
  4. Best baby soap for fairness.
  5. For 4 years of the baby, you can get the best soap for 4 years old.
  6. If you want baby soap for fair skin or any color improvement then you can also go for products available online.

Points To Remember While You Buy A Bar For Baby!

Thinking of buying soap for your baby? We give you some guidelines on what to choose and what to not for better selection. The market is flooded with options but only you can make the right choice.

  • Completely avoid antibacterial soaps which are not good for the babies.
  • The bar should be mild and have a balanced pH level.
  • More the later more will be chemical content. So, no extra lather.
  • No scent or load fragrance. A light fragrance is still acceptable.
  • Check the contents and choose with minimal mixing of chemicals, paraben or any kind of additives.
  • Never forget to look at the manufacturing date and expiry date.
  • Look for direction to use and other information as many times the aged usage is given which the product is particularly meant for.


When it comes to babies products we become very choosy and thinks about each and every aspect of the product. So, it is not surprising to take time while choosing the right soap for baby. So in order to help you, we have listed some of the top selling baby soap brands in India which you can go through and choose the right product for your little one.