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Beauty Products Which You Have To Avoid During Pregnancy

Beauty Products Which You Have To Avoid During Pregnancy

Beauty products which you have to avoid during pregnancy – It might sound weird but some beauty products can actually harm your baby. During pregnancy you not only have to maintain your diet but also be careful about using beauty products. Chemicals in these products can prove to be toxic for the baby in the womb. Therefore, we have brought you some of the beauty products which you should avoid during pregnancy.

Beauty Products which you have to avoid during pregnancy

You definitely do not want to hurt your bundle of joy. So ditching some beauty products can help you prevent the baby to the most extent. Also, they will make you less prone from any skin infection. So, keeping some facts in mind you really should avoid during the pregnancy period.

Beauty products to avoid during pregnancy

If you are pregnant then you need a complete lifestyle makeover including your beauty routine. Little changes in your health and beauty routine can help in the good health of the baby. Therefore, below mentioned are some of the beauty products that you should avoid during pregnancy.

Nail care

Most of the nail enamels have ingredients that are toxic and can deeply harm the baby. There are chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, toluene etc. that are harmful during pregnancy. They can affect the baby and in severe cases it may result in birth anomalies, still birth and development issues  in the unborn baby. So it is your responsibility to not use any kind of nail care product during pregnancy.

Hair care products

Many hair care products have certain chemicals that can cause allergies. Also, when you are pregnant you are most likely to be more prone to skin infection. Allergies will require medical attention that can cause trouble for the baby in your womb. Also, hair styling products seep through your skin and they can also cause harm to the baby. Therefore, you choose the right hair care products for the proper health and development of the baby.

Sunscreen products

Though it is very important for you to apply sunscreen while stepping out in the sun. But you need to realize that not all sunscreen products are considered safe during pregnancy. Some have toxic chemicals as ingredients in them which can cause allergies. Therefore, it is advisable to use only sunscreen products that are safe. Products with titanium oxide or zinc oxide are safer and does not cause any harm during the pregnancy period.

Bathing products

Some bathing products have harmful chemicals in it that can majorly affect your newborn. They have chemicals that can trigger certain allergies. Therefore, it is recommended to use bathing products that have natural ingredients. The best thing you can do is to use baby products that are suitable in every way possible.

Skin whitening products

During pregnancy you might have to experience some sort of pigmentation and skin darkening because of the hormonal activities going on inside you. Most women take the help of skin lightening products to reduce the affects. But little did they know that it can harm their unborn baby. Therefore, you should make sure to avoid any kind of skin lightening products.

Strong perfumes

Mostly all of the perfumes have pthalate as an ingredient which is a chemical and is capable to cause allergies. It is very toxic to the unborn baby. Also, in severe cases it might hinder the growth of the fetus in the womb. So the best thing you can do is to avoid the use of perfumes. Or you can use fragrances that do not have toxic chemicals in it.

Hair removal products

Hair removal products have chemicals that are considered unsafe during pregnancy. So it would be beneficial to avoid hair removal products to prevent your unborn baby from any kind of harm. You can use razor as an alternative to it.


Duty and responsibility of the mother starts right from where from the pregnancy days. Above mentioned are the list of products that are unsafe for the unborn baby. Therefore, if you are pregnant try to avoid using these beauty products in order to protect your bundle of joy from any kind of harm.